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Sorry, I Didn’t Get That

Most people know about the wireless devices that hook up to the internet in your home. You can ask it to play music, tell you the news – and I’m sure a few other things that used to require us to actually get up and do something.

Get up and turn on the radio or internet music channel. Get up and get a newspaper and read it. You know, a gadget that takes the “do-it-yourself” out of your life.

But I digress.

I heard a commercial the other day where the machine – this one was Alexa*-voiced – made the statement, “Sorry, I didn’t get that” because it didn’t understand what the person said.

Instantly I got in my Spirit – “That’s like the devil when you pray in the Spirit (tongues) – he’s running around saying, “I didn’t get that. What are they praying? What are they planning? What are they going to do?”

Praying in the Spirit bypasses the devil. He does not understand your God-based language. When you spend time praying like that, he can’t interfere with God’s plans. He doesn’t “get that” and it’s one of your most power weapons against him.

Spend time daily bypassing the devil. When you finish praying, ask God for the interpretation of what your prayed – the knowledge and revelation of it. If you pray with someone, tell God you agree with what they prayed (Matthew 18:19),

It’s always good to confound your enemy!

*Alexa is Amazon’s cloud-based voice service

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