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The Holy Spirit and My Contact Lenses

A couple of weeks ago, I reached for my box of contact lenses – and couldn’t find them. Anywhere. I tore open boxes. Leland went to the storage unit and looked through the recently returned boxes there. Nothing. Nada. Zip.

Now last night before I went to sleep, I flat out asked the Holy Spirit and the angels to lead me to my boxes of contact lenses. I knew they had to be somewhere. I knew I didn’t just suddenly throw them away – they had to be somewhere.

I finally decided that, until I found them, I was going to have to buy new ones. Today Leland went to WallyWorld to see if they had them and how much they were. Lo and behold, because my prescription runs out in June, they couldn’t sell them to me because the prescription would run out before the contacts would. Very frustrating.

A few minutes ago, for some reason I “just” decided to look again, on a shelf that has some boxes and plastic containers. Guess what?? Yep – they were there – in a container I had looked in several times in the past weeks. See the empty space to the left of the white capped bottle? They were there in their plastic zipper baggie, with a red sock on top of them.

Had I just missed seeing them? No, because I had taken every container and box off the shelf, looked through them, then put everything back into every box and containers and back onto the shelf.

How did they get there? I don’t know – and I don’t care. The Holy Spirit and angels moved them there or something. All I know is that this is not the first time the Holy Spirit and the angels did something like this for me.

The Bible says we have not because we ask not. I had asked halfheartedly a few times when they first disappeared. Last night I just knew it was time and knew I was going to find them. I didn’t know it would be today or even in a place I’d looked several times.

I just knew God loves me that much. He didn’t want me losing over $125+ in contact lenses. He knew I hated wearing my old glasses (I mentioned in a time or two). Mainly, though, He just loves me that much.

The Holy Spirit knows all things. The Holy Spirit works on our behalf. The Holy Spirit is a comforter. He is so much more than people know – and that’s a shame because He is here to help us navigate this world successfully.

Do a study on Him. Find out what He wants to do for and with you. It isn’t just lost items – it is so much more.

I double dog Scooby Doo dare you to ask Him for help with something.

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2 thoughts on “The Holy Spirit and My Contact Lenses

  1. Now that is really awesome! How much more does He care? More then we can imagine, ask, or even think.

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