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A Tale of Trust in God During This Time

These are a partial series of texts between my son, Josh, and myself. I cut out some bits (i.e., like my preachy parts, smile). My replies are in italics.

Monday 1-4, 1:37 pm

Imma need lots of favor.  They are laying off

You have plenty of favor!!! You are God’s favorite! Did they tell you that you were one?

No. They are starting tomorrow. Going by seniority. I believe I’m ahead of enough people

It does not matter what they say. It matters what God says. If God says you will stay then you will stay, and you call it that way. I believe you will stay!

I know this ??

Yes but it’s always good to be reminded.

And they are changing the schedule. And only running 60 hours instead of 80. Its still 40 hours. Just less people. basically cutting out a shift

Gotcha  That’s a lot of people

Tuesday, 1-5, 1:27 pm

I’ll know something here in prolly 30 minutes

FAVOR.  And no matter what it looks like, you are highly favored and loved of God.  So they will tell you before you go home? Don’t you get off st 1:30?

Yes. I am having to sit here. There like 6 or 7 of us left. But now they are doing night shift people who are ahead of us

It’s going to be just fine – yes I know you know that but I’m just letting you know The hand of God is on your life. You have a job, work – So did they call everyone in or what?

No. Night shift starts at 2 so they are getting here now

I’m listening to a song: He is the Way Maker, Miracle Worker, Promise Keeper, Light in the Darkness, my God, that was is Who You are. 


You can calm down ??

Hee hee! I’m fine. Just speaking Word to you,

Two hours later that same day

Are you still waiting?


Oh my gosh – what did people do before cell phones to play games on while waiting?? Or readers to read

Talked ?

Oh yeah 

A little later

This is (what) makes me angry. Waited 2 hours. Now told they will tell me tomorrow and to go home

And you didn’t get paid to sit!! That is the world system  

4:43 p.m. same day

Just got a call. (happy emojis) keeping my position!  I Never worried

Wooooooo hooooo – you were so calm!!

I got to work this morning and something said “no worries”. I wasn’t sure if it meant I was keeping job or if I got laid off it meant nothing to worry about. So I said “no worries”.

End of Texts

The truth from God?  Never change your confession, only believe what you’ve asked God for. Know that it will work out perfectly, no matter what.


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