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Darkness Cannot Beat Light

Do you know no matter HOW dark a room is, is pitch black, can’t see your hand in front of your face black, one tiny little lighted candle dispels ALL that darkness.

Darkness cannot stand in the face of light. There is no such thing as a darkness that can overcome light. There is only such a thing as light always overcoming darkness. Just like Jesus – and us!

It may look like darkness is overwhelming the world right now. It’s not, but it is a time for us to be THE LIGHT. To represent God and Jesus, by walking in Love. Trusting God. Showing others His goodness.

You have a choice during this season we are going through. You can choose to focus on self, inwardly, or you can focus on all God and Jesus have done for you.

Even if it is to simply thank God for pavement to drive a vehicle on instead of dirt ruts and wooden wagon wheels with no shocks, find something to be grateful for. To focus on God, not issues out there.

You can focus on helping others because believe me, there are people far worse off than you. You’re reading this via the internet. Some people don’t even have electricity. Some not enough food. Some lost their jobs, others their businesses.

Your little act of light, no  matter how dark it is in their world, will dispel that darkness for them.

Walk in love, dispel darkness. I can’t emphasize this enough: go out and shine your light in someone else’s life.

God is Good, always, in all ways! Go and do likewise.

2 thoughts on “Darkness Cannot Beat Light

  1. That is a good point and remember to always apply the blood of Jesus and angels as you go out and stand for what is right.

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