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God is Still There

I know that in these times we’re living in, it could be easy to think that God has left the building. That He is not paying attention to us. That He doesn’t care.

Ah, but this is NOT truth. In Jeremiah 42:11, God is talking about the king of Babylon, saying to the people NOT to be afraid of him, not to be afraid because HE is with them, to save them and deliver them from the king’s evil hand.

If God was wiling to be there in time of trouble for the Israelites, He most certainly will be there in times of trouble for us.

If God is FOR us, who on earth can be against us? NO ONE and NOTHING. If you believe, you are protected. You have provision. He will take care of you.

Get in His Word and find scriptures (promises) that fit what you need from Him. You are blessed. It’s going to be OKAY!

IT IS WELL! Say that over and over and over (until you see it). Why? Because with God, IT IS WELL.

Matthew 28:20
Romans 8:31
2 Kings 4:26

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