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Living in Dangerous Times

There have been threats going on against people who stand up for what is right, righteous, godly, holy – what is called the Right – or conservative.

I very recently heard a news commentator state that certain groups have threatened lynching, along with mob attacks, destruction of government buildings, historical monuments. These are things reminiscent (if you know your history) of a certain man with a funny mustache, a weird hand-out-straight-salute, and stiff-legged marches, who wanted world domination.

This threatening man had already begun occupying most of the European continent, one country at a time. He threatened through brute strength, murder, and fear. His tactics were destructive and evil. He was heading toward Britain to claim another victory in his desire to conquer and dominate Europe.

Yet one man stood against him. One man stood up for right. He refused to be intimidated by evil. He refused to compromise. He refused to give in to what seemed to be a foe who could not be conquered. Winston Churchill used wisdom and savvy; he gathered allies, evil was stopped.

You ask why I am giving you a history lesson?  A reminder of former evil which looks similar to what we are seeing today? In the days ahead we need to be reminded that Right and Light overcome wrong and darkness. We must know that God and His Word triumph over evil. 

Not only do we need that, but we should realize that we are also just as powerful as that one man who stood against evil. We are never alone – we have God, the Holy Spirit, Jesus, Angels, prayer, scriptures, and we have power. We also need to understand how to keep ourselves PROTECTED going forward.

We must not take our eyes off the benefits God has given us. We must remember that the word “salvation” goes beyond eternal life – that it also means rescue, safety, deliver, health, defender (defense), get victory, help, prosperity, liberty, avenging, welfare

Today I will ask you to read Psalm 91. I will give you links below to a few translations that make this chapter even clearer than the King James Version of the Bible. This post is the start of a weekly series (Thursdays) God has prompted me to start posting about safety and protection, for us, our family, those in authority, the military, the police forces, and the like.

Psalm 91 NLT

Psalm 91 MSG

Psalm 91 ERV

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