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LIDT: Do Not Override God’s Voice

Hearken unto Me, ye that know righteousness, the people in whose heart is My law; fear ye not the reproach of men, neither be ye afraid of their revilings (Isaiah 51:7)

Hearken:  hear intelligently and obedience, obey
Revilings:  vilification, reproach (hmm, sounds like what’s going on today)

This story (true) is one a minister shared with his congregation. It illustrates the importance of not overriding God’s voice and promptings. It is vital to hear and obey what He says no matter what you THINK.


One time a member of the pastor’s church called into the office. She related to the pastor that she was very upset with God.

He asked why and she relayed her story.

It seems she was in a certain part of town. She was robbed by force and her purse stolen. She believed she was supposed to be there and wanted to know why God didn’t protect her.

With enough conversation, it was revealed that the woman had felt a “prompting” not go to this place in town. With that the pastor asked why she went on to the area.

She exclaimed, “I confessed Psalm 91 before I went. I always confess Psalm 91 for protection.” 

With that understanding, the pastor explained to this woman that she overrode the warning God was trying to convey to her. God didn’t want her to go to that area at that time. He explained that by ignoring the “prompting” not to go, she got out from under the protection of God.

She did not obey God. She decided she knew best because she quoted the protection scripture. She overrode God’s protection for her by choosing to go anyway.

Yes, it is THAT important to hear and obey God’s voice.

As I explained with the deer story, ask God to help you learn to hear His voice more clearly and to obey what He says.


Keep the faith, trust God, there is a plan, and the overwhelming victory of our President will stand.

2 thoughts on “LIDT: Do Not Override God’s Voice

  1. That is such a good point. Obedience trumps confession every time. Confessions are very good as they line up with obedience.
    I stand with what God said Trump is our president. No thief will stay.

  2. GUILTY! I sometimes use (my) confession to override (His) warnings. Also, I have to learn to tune out the cacophony of voices and other noises around me, in order to hear that still, small voice. Sometimes, He has to shout at me. Thank you so much for these encouraging (and convicting) posts!

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