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Willing AND Obedient

A few years back, I posted that I followed a few secular blogs I used to enjoy reading. One that I’d followed a long time, God had prompted me to quit reading. I was WILLING to obey God but I actually didn’t stop following the blog.

Finally, as much as I liked the author, in obedience to God I had to stop reading her blog. She wasn’t an evil or unsaved person. She was just beginning to go a direction I couldn’t follow. I OBEYED but I wasn’t WILLING. I didn’t like leaving.

God has a set of commandments we are to live by. Obeying His ways means we walk and live in a life well worth living with days of heaven upon the earth (Proverbs 3:2 AMP and Deuteronomy 11:21).

When we do not, we live hell on earth, lost, dazed and confused wondering why God has forsaken us. We pretty much bump from one mess to another, living drama.

The scripture God brought to my mind when I was having trouble letting go was Isaiah 1:19, “If ye be willing AND obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land:” or as the Youngs Literal translation states:

Isa 1:19-20  If ye are willing, and have hearkened (hear and obey), The good of the land ye consume, And if ye refuse, and have rebelled, By the sword ye are consumed

Yep – obey and have a good life – disobey (or ignore or don’t know what the Bible says because you don’t read it) and you’ll not.

The choice I made – to obey – was only part of the scripture. I obeyed but I kept thinking about the blog, how much I enjoyed it, how I missed it. One day God pointed out to me that while I had obeyed, I wasn’t really happy about it – so I really wasn’t willing.

I needed an attitude adjustment. I had to choose to know that God knows best, God loves me, and God knows what I should put into my spirit and what to let go and keep out. I repented and let it all go. I learned later why He told me to let it go – but that’s for another post and time.

We all have that choice in front of us every day – to obey or to disobey AND to be willing to do so. If things aren’t going well – if you aren’t consuming the good of the land – check if there is something you haven’t been obedient about – and check if you have really been willing if you did obey. 

2 thoughts on “Willing AND Obedient

  1. So good, Nan. Not just obedient, but willing to trust God. Great checkpoint… if your life is from one drama to another, is there an adjustment to be made. Spend that quiet time in God’s presence and receive the peace and direction needed.

    Our Pastor’s sermon yesterday exhorted us to get close to the Father, spending time before the throne, forsaking the distractions of life. Willing and obedient to heed this word as well.

  2. Great post, as always! I envision a petulant child, with his arms crossed, a deep frown on his forehead, and his lip stuck out, saying, in a not-so-nice voice, “OK, I will!”

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