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LIDT: Keep Your Word

I have observed since Leland moved to heaven, many people have said, “I’m going to do this for you” or “I am going to mail that to you” and things along that line, Very few followed through.

This is not a criticism. It’s an observation and it is something God dealt with me about years ago. When people would say they were going to do something and then didn’t, I used to think, “Oh well, that’s okay.”

Then one day God pointed out that it was NOT okay with Him. If we don’t keep our word, we are actually being unfaithful in little (Luke 19). We will never advance beyond our integrity.

I used to promise that I’d mail someone something. Then I procrastinated, always meaning to get around to it. One day God spoke to me (not an audible voice) about this saying, “Do you want to reap what you are sowing? Do you want to wait for a blessing because someone is dawdling?”  NO! I changed my ways.

Then God pointed out that if we say we will do something then don’t, He considers that a lie, us a liar. A liar is disgusting to God (an abomination Proverbs 12:22). Obviously we shouldn’t want God to think we are disgusting. And thank God we can repent quick quick fast fast.

Be a man or a woman of your word. Make sure people can trust that if you say you will do something, you will.

Let’s NOT be disgusting to God. Let’s be quick to keep our word. If we find we can’t, we need to go to the person and let them know that we can’t. It’s part of doing things God’s way.

It keeps us Psalm 91:1 protected – under God’s protection, in the Secret Place! 

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