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LIDT: Obedience and… Vomit?

Today’s subject is about – ready? Vomit. Yes, that’s right. Specifically dog vomit. Specifically Proverbs 26:11,  “As a dog that returns to his own vomit, so a fool repeats his foolishness”. 

These were what made me a fool in God’s (and scripture) eyes- the beauties before:

The baggie is sitting on a green cutting board. The dark brown is smashed-with-a-hammer cookies.

Why, you ask? Why smash a perfectly half filled baggie of delicious cookies? Well, God said to. God ALWAYS has a reason why He tells us to stop doing something.

I made the joke to a friend, “Even though I put the cookies in the freezer so I wouldn’t see them and be drawn to them – they called me anyway.”

God immediately said, “Don’t answer.”

Ha ha. Celestial humor. Then He seriously said, “Smash the cookies”. I replied, “OK” as I was wiping cookie crumbs off my mouth. He’d had me do this before, with some crackers.

I got the cookies out of the freezer. They had to thaw out so I could smash them the next morning – which I did – as evidenced above.

So what do smashed Oreo-type cookies and vomit have to do with Living in Dangerous Times?

Simple obedience. God was prompting me to obey because of my health.  He’d mentioned before not to buy these cookies again. Obviously I had a wee bit of a problem there – UNTIL two days ago. He reminded me of the dog and vomit in Proverbs 26.

No, He didn’t call me a dog (kind of being a fool, though) but He likened the Oreo-type cookies to VOMIT. I was returning to VOMIT – I was repeating something He was trying to tell me was bad for me. “A fool repeats his/her foolishness.”

God used the smashed cookies, vomit, and being a fool as an illustration for a scripture many of us don’t take seriously. I mean, really. How do we pay attention to scripture about a dog returning to his vomit when it doesn’t have anything to do with us?

Welp – NOW IT IS ILLUSTRATED! Now when you repeatedly do something – or go back to doing something – or never stop doing something because you don’t think it really matters – something you know God has told you not to, you are going to remember vomit. You will remember the smashed cookies and relate what you’re doing to DISOBEDIENCE. 

And you know what I’m going to say – in the times we are living in, we do NOT have time to disobey. We do not have time to waste learning a lesson over and over. We do not have time to justify or make excuses for, “Just one more cookie, Lord, then I’ll stop.”

JUST SMASH THE COOKIES. Just stop and obey. It may well save your life one day.

2 thoughts on “LIDT: Obedience and… Vomit?

  1. Wow! Slapped me around this morning. I needed this. Your “vomit” in the title caught me eye. Great word. Great illustration. Great challenge for me.

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