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It’s Already Ours

Most Christians are trying to apply “plant a seed to meet a need” to everything in our life. If we need something from God, then “hey!” plant a seed. We also tithe as if it’s an insurance policy – “If I tithe then I’m ensuring I’ll be protected and prospered.” Kind of like protection money.

Under the Law, people were required to give the tithe (10 percent) in order to be blessed. If they didn’t tithe then they were cursed (Malachi 3:8, 9). People gave out of fear of punishment if they neglected this. Protection money.

Jesus ended the Law through His shed Blood. He removed all the curses associated with it but left all the blessings intact. Tithing is still to our benefit, but the curse brought on by not giving is gone.

That shed Blood means we have access to everything it provided for us. We already have it. It’s already ours. Sometimes “planting a seed” is akin to buying something that’s a free gift. If you can buy it or work for it, it’s not a gift.

We seem to think that in order to access the Blessing, everything Jesus died for us to have, that we have to DO something to get it. Not so.

We don’t have to give to get Blessed. We are already Blessed.

We don’t have to tithe to access the Blessing. Through Jesus, the Blessing is ours (although it is wise to tithe).

We don’t tithe to get those windows in heaven open. Jesus said in John 10:10b that HE came to give us life abundantly.

And there is Luke 6:38 – it’s part of a set of instructions we talked about previously! Notice it didn’t say give to get. It simply says if we give, we will receive. 

We tithe because we love and trust Him. We have gratitude for what He has already done, already provided. We tithe because we WANT to. We tithe because it’s an act of love and worship; it also shows the state of our hearts.

If we get an understanding that everything we need to succeed in this life is ALREADY OURS, it is going to set us free!

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