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New Beginning January 1 2022

My son Joshua and I don’t remember much of 2021.

I spent the year from April until December 31 in sort of a daze since Leland died. Josh spent it also grieving but more trying to figure out how to move me from Texas to Arkansas (where he lived). He tried to figure out how to move a big storage unit (from a 3400 sq ft house) to here and more storage units and the 1200 sq ft house I’m now in (hint: it doesn’t work, smile). 

In all the ways we tried to figure out our new normal without Leland, God took care of us. Many friends donated to the “cause” so Josh could move me. Others sent provisions (like cases of toilet paper, paper towels, coffee, and huge laundry soap). Still others sent cash and told me to have special meals for Thanksgiving,  Christmas and Leland’s November birthday.

So many prayers. So much help both financially. mentally and physically. Outpourings of love that overwhelmed. Acts of kindness that stunned me (like my landlady paying someone to mow the lawn all year long).

And all the time, God told Josh and me that we were going to be okay. To know that He was Lord and He had us in the palm of His hand. He took care of us. He kept us focused on Him.

Here we are at the first day of a new year. We’re discovering that it really is going to be okay. How? Because of the body of Christ – which sounds so nebulous – becoming real to us. People put actions to words and blessed us beyond measure. 

How do you say “thank you” for something so precious? How do you get it across to people that God used them to save your life, literally? They kept you from grief and depression? They kept you  from going to bed and never getting out again?

The only words are Proverbs 18:24b… there is one loving friend who is joined to your heart closer than any other! (TPT) 

I experienced that. I have more than I thought. There were people I knew well and people whom I just met or barely knew. To all – thank you for being there for me. Thank you for showing the love of God. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for your words of wisdom. Thank you for financial and material help.

Most of all, thank You to God who challenged me to live.




3 thoughts on “New Beginning January 1 2022

  1. You inspire me to stay focused… to continue on the journey…to believe harder… to not settle… to hope and trust that there really is more…

    What a friend you are, Nan Loyd. I love you.💕

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