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Healing: It’s Not a Promise, It’s a FACT

Matthew 8:17 (AMPC)  And thus He (Jesus) fulfilled what was spoken by the prophet Isaiah, He Himself took [in order to carry away] our weaknesses (sicknesses) and infirmities and bore away our diseases. [Isaiah 53:4]

Isaiah 53:4a  (Young’s Literal Translation)  Surely He has (already) borne our sicknesses, and He carried our pain…  V. 5  But He was wounded (broken) for our transgressions (sin); He was bruised (to beat to pieces) for our iniquities (perversities; evil; faults); the chastisement of our peace (welfare, happiness, health, prosperity) was upon Him; and with His wounds (welts; black & blue marks) we ourselves are healed.

1 Peter 2:24  (AMPC)  He personally bore our sins in His [own] body on the tree [as on an altar and offered Himself on it], that we might die (cease to exist) to sin and live to righteousness. By His wounds you have been healed.

I’m going to paraphrase something I’ve read several times over the years. It JUST NOW lit up in my Spirit. Jesus did not promise to heal us.

A promise tells you about something that’s going to happen. A fact tells you about something you’ve already received or that’s already happened.

It is a FACT that by the whip marks on Jesus, we are ALREADY healed. That’s part of the reason He suffered so much. It wasn’t just for us to get saved, giving us a guarantee of heaver – it was for our healing.

Technically, we have already been healed of whatever the devil tries to throw on us. The day Jesus hung on that cross, He took sickness and disease once and for all for us. All we need to do is learn to receive that FACT.

Once you really grasp the fact that YOUR health was completed in every detail on the cross through Jesus – then just refuse to allow sickness and disease in your body ever again.  If you already have symptoms, there is a trespasser coming after your health – kick him OUT. Refuse to let him stay.

. . . stand up against the devil, and he WILL (not might, not maybe but WILL) turn and run away from you. (James 4:7)  One translation says “run away in stark terror”.

Speak health. Speak life. Say what God says (that means you have to know what He says). Say what you want, what Jesus died for, NOT what you see or feel. Say, “I have a healthy heart” or “My pancreas makes and releases pure insulin”.  Whatever part of your body is contrary to God’s Word, speak as if it is already whole. Why? Because it is, according to God. 

Oh, and p.s. – Don’t ever again say “my” anything – cold, headache, cancer, whatever the symptom and attack is.  Even if you don’t see immediate results – decide to believe God’s Word and not the devil’s lying symptoms! Speak life.