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I’m sure most people have heard that saying, “It is what it is”.  It means (from Cambridge Dictionary): “(It is) used to say that a situation cannot be changed and must be accepted: We’re all imperfect human beings in an imperfect world.  It is what it is.”  It’s a fatalistic world view.

If I believed that balderdash, baloney, drivel, flapdoodle, foolishness, hokum, hooey, humbug, poppycock, rot, rubbish, trash, or twaddle… why yes, I’ve been playing around with British synonyms for nonsense. Why do you ask? I feel a little violently about that saying. 

*Ahem* if I believed that saying “it is what it is” when my landlady told me on February 7, 2023 that she was selling the house (and it sold in one day) and I would have to move, I would be homeless right about now. I would also not be in faith or would believe that God was incapable, inept and not Almighty.

When faced with this sudden change, I had two choices. I could believe “it is what it is” and the situation “could not be changed and must be accepted” or I could believe God and His Word. I’ve been through this before. It helped me to remember and to KNOW God is faithful and will take care of me. He rescues me every time. I held on to that.

I will come back to fill in the details (I’m packing), but God came through March 3 2023. I have a new rent home. It is so much better. I had made a list with 25 things I desired it a new home. I checked off ALL 25. ONLY GOD.

Thank God that it ISN’T what it was. Thank God we can choose and speak life (God will provide) and what we want (I have a new place), not what we don’t (I’ll never find a place in time). Thank God that EVERYTHING in our life is subject to change. Thank God we do NOT have to accept anything that isn’t right in our lives.

Thank you to those who prayed for me to find a home. Thank you to those who blessed me to help with this move. Thank you to those who gave me encouraging words and believed with me that GOD LOVES US AND ALWAYS WANTS TO DO US GOOD!

p.s. I will come back and list the scripture references.

2 thoughts on ““It Is What It Is” IS NOT A SCRIPTURE

  1. We serve an awesome God… so mighty, so holy, so wonderful. He perfects everything that concerns us and delights in giving us more than we could ask, think, dream or even dare to believe. What a mighty God we serve! Oh, how he loves us! So happy for this new season for my friend.💕💕💕

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