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Did God Create Aliens? NO!

Most of you know God did not leave me homeless! He led me to a perfect house. I was going to expound on that but first, my internet did not get hooked up right away. Then I gave in to a cold – story to come later. I slept for 3 days.

Today I forced myself to get out of bed. If I believed I was healed, it was past time to speak and act like it. I also repented for not doing so in the beginning of the sickness attack.

So… I woke up to this headline on my way to a Word podcast (thus my sidetrack):

I had heard a prophet mention it last year that there would be an increase in “supposed” alien activity (including government participation). Lest you think it’s a bunch of looney tune no-name officials, here’s another of several similar headlines, “The Pentagon has reason to believe an alien mothership is in our solar system, ready to explore Earth.”

More like opening the door to demonic activity. Stupid gone to seed.

It reminds me of the scene in the 1996 Sci-Fi movie, “Independence Day”. The woman was warned by the heroine NOT to greet the aliens. The woman  snuck up on a rooftop party with a “welcome” sign.

God created man in His own image (Genesis 1:27). I don’t think He has alien attributes since we’ve never seen a man (without surgery) who looks like the depiction of an alien. 

I’ve always known there were no aliens but until I heard the below podcast short by Kat Kerr (someone I admire and follow), I couldn’t really answer why. Listen without judging then search the Bible yourself.  It will give you food for thought.

Besides, if aliens existed and they’re sooo smart, why has it taken them this long to come to earth? If you think you know, don’t tell me until you can quote me scripture, chapter and verse.  Like Leland used to say: unless you can find it in the Bible, DO NOT BELIEVE IT.


2 thoughts on “Did God Create Aliens? NO!

  1. I think many people are fascinated with the ‘unknown’ which is why Aliens, space, UFOs, etc are popular. One thing I would like to say though, the aliens shown in the movies are usually here to kill and destroy us (ie. Independence Day). But we are all patiently waiting His return and why would He destroy everything that He created. Thank you for writing this & God bless you for this post!

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