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Christians and Money

A hope that I can provoke intelligent thought about = *M*O*N*E*Y*

There.  I said it.  Money.  A lot of Christians who say they believe in prosperity generally cringe or balk at the money aspect of it (and they usually don’t have enough of it).  They want to make prosperity “holy” in a sense that they don’t want others to know they believe that money is even a part of prosperity.

People choke on that word, money.  Why?  Some Christians believe that to have money indicates you are materialistic.  I have news for you – some of the poorest people I know are more materialistic than those with money.

Materialism is simply having a preoccupation with material objects and comforts, with money and what it can buy. Most definitions also add “with a disinterest in spiritual values…”

In other words, materialism is about ME ME ME and not about others.

And yes, there are those Christians who misuse money just like there are CEO’s who took their employee’s pension funds.  People are people.  You don’t blacken the name of all CEO’s because of the few who were dishonest – so don’t blacken all Christians based on the few who mishandled money.

Some Christians are afraid to say they believe in the full prosperity message, including money. Why? Because the enemy works 24/7 to make sure that people (Christians included) either attack those who believe in that part of the prosperity message or he convinces them that it is holier to be in poverty.  By the way, did you know there is nothing in the Bible about vows of poverty – that it is not holy to be poor?

No, in fact the opposite is true.  The Bible talks about taking care of the poor because they will always be with us.  Here’s the conundrum – ready?  How are you going to help the poor if you don’t have money? Most of the time those poor need an infusion of money into their lives because it takes money to buy food, help pay bills, clothing, housing…

Do you know that if you actually HAVE enough money, you don’t focus on it?  Why is that?  Because rather than constantly being focused on what you need (bills paid, groceries, housing), you have plenty for that. Thus you are more able to focus on those around you who don’t have enough.

When you are financially prosperous God’s way, you actually can be more focused on helping others.  I used to be on the other side of this – being the one in need.  There was a time I scrimped from payday to payday, barely making it before the next paycheck finally showed up.  Forget having enough to be able to also help others. My needs were pretty much all I thought about.

As I began to study what the Bible had to say about financial prosperity, money, I began to apply God’s principles and began to walk in the benefits of serving God.  Things began to turn around.  I began to have a little extra each payday.  Things built up so that I was no longer so focused on just barely getting by.

When Leland and I married, we made a determination to obey what God said to do in the Bible.  From that point until now, we steadily increased financially.  Now here’s the fun part – the more God blessed us, the more we were able to be a blessing to those around us.  We went from needing help to helping others in need.  That scripture, “…it is more blessed to give… than receive” is VERY true.

The feeling you get when you can give a car to a young woman just starting out in life, living with her parents far outside city limits who had no way to go to college because she didn’t have a car to get to classes?  Well, the joy on her face because she not only received a debt-free car but also realized that God loves her is truly priceless.  We got to be a part of that.

I don’t say that to be bragging.  No!  It is such an honor to be able to actually GIVE when God prompts you to.  You don’t always get to know the impact of helping others.  Then again you might hear that it saved someone from a disaster in their lives.  It doesn’t matter as long as you are in a position to help when you are prompted to help.

THAT is what true Bible financial prosperity is about, freeing you up so you can live your life outwardly rather than inwardly. Making it so you represent God by sharing His love with others in a very real way from helping someone with groceries or being able to help fund a disaster relief project in a significant way.

I had a woman working a Salvation Army bucket over Christmas thank me and say how grateful she was that I put in “quiet money” (I’d put in a $20).  I asked what she meant and she said that most people tossed in noisy money – i.e., whatever change they had in their pocket (representing very little effort or value). Noisy money.

How grateful I am that God has brought me from noisy money to quiet money when it comes to giving! And that, my friends, is what Biblical financial prosperity is all about.

I challenge you to study the scriptures and see what God has to say about money.  You will find it is simply a tool – a way to reach out and help others, showing them God’s love.  A way to help fund those who do go preach all over the world.  A way to actually BE a blessing in deed and not just in word.

Until next time, keep it real through His Word:




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3 thoughts on “Christians and Money

  1. I have a lot to learn. It really is hard for me not to get upset when people call me materialistic just because God is blessing me. How do you handle it?

  2. Jesse Duplantis came to our church in the Fall preaching the prosperity message – telling us not to be ashamed of God’s prosperity. I like how you explain that God took you from noisy money to quiet money – that is such a beautiful visual – on the beauty of giving for Him! Shalom, sweet friend!

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