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Zombies Are Real

I got to thinking about Zombies. People seem to be fascinated by them. Movies galore are being made – some gross, some very funny. I never watch the gross ones.

Zombies. Zombies only have one goal in their life – eat! Well, kill and eat. It is their total focus. They are mindless about it. They don’t actually know why or what, they just know “eat”. They stumble around all the time looking for the next meal.

There is nothing inside a zombie.

Zombies are real. You see them every day in the form of Christians. I know you question my statement, and if you’re smart you’ll also ask me for Chapter and Verse out of the Bible.  Mark 4 and Luke 18 both talk about “the cares of this world.”

Most Christians have only one goal in their life – work to pay for the things in their life that require maintenance. They work for a paycheck. It is their total focus. They are mindless about it. While they may actually know why or what, they are mindless. They stumble around living or looking for that next paycheck.

… they get up, go to work, come home, sit in front of the television, sleep, get up, go to work, come home, sit in front of the television, sleep and on and on. They might get to take vacation for a few days a year but then come back and once again get up, go to work, come home, sit in front of the television, sleep, get up. You get the picture.

There is nothing inside a Christian Zombie.

They may or may not go to church on Sunday, perhaps Wednesday. Oftentimes Christmas, occasionally Easter. They might even crack open their Bibles once in a blue moon. They can’t find any scriptures but most can quote one, “Jesus wept.” Or maybe “The Lord is my shepherd, I… ummm, something or the other by green pastures.”

Their main goal on earth is that paycheck. A paycheck to pay for their maintenance work.

We are a people of maintenance. We work so we can maintain our lives. We maintain our car, our houses, our clothes, our hair, our pets, our stomachs (food), our jobs, our gardens, our relationships, our friendships, our children, our health, our sicknesses. Maintenance workers – zombies.

God never wanted us to be Christian Zombies. He never wanted us stumbling around, living paycheck to paycheck. He sent His son to give us a good life. Instead, we became zombies, inwardly focused on our maintenance work.

God wants us outwardly focused, not inwardly. He has an assignment, a job  for each and every person on earth. something we’re good at, something we can do with His help. He wants His people, those Christian Zombies, to get His message of Love out. He wants them to help others. He wants them to be His hands on this earth.

Most importantly, He wants us to spend time with Him, sharing of ourselves so He can share of Himself. In that special time alone with God, He will give us ideas, thoughts, insights, concepts, and ways to work right to have a good life.

Instead, most people are working toward this:

Old cementery
Old Cemetary

with nothing to show for their time on this earth – except those things they maintained. Passed on to their children so their children can maintain it.

If you are beginning to feel like that zombie, why not ask God what areas your need to work on, what can be cut out of your life so that you have time to spend with Him. He can show you what you can do to help others, spread His Good News, and what giftings are in you. They are in there, you know.

God gave us His Bible to teach us how to operate in this life. So it is also important to spend some time reading that Manufacturer’s Handbook. Start in Proverbs or Psalms if you haven’t gotten accustomed to spending time reading your Bible.

Rather than be a mindless zombie, purposefully choose to find out what HIS plan for your life is. The Bible says He has a good plan for you. He wants to show it to you because in that plan is where you begin to live a life worth living.

It sure isn’t to be a zombie maintenance worker!

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  1. That is really good description of me when I was just going through the motions and not knowing there was more for me.

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