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Don’t Give Up On Your Dream

Do  you have a dream for your life that hasn’t happened yet? Something you’ve wanted to do for a long time? Does it seem like it’s never going to happen or never going to go anywhere?

I’m sure you’ve probably studied everything you can about the topic of your dream. Maybe even studied others who have succeeded in that same area as your dream. Perhaps you thought about how you’d set it up, all the wheres, hows, and details.

And time passes. Hours, days, months, years.

You may have even had the thought that this dream is a fantasy, not real, and is never really going to happen. You might think you made it up. Maybe God didn’t give it to you. You’re ready to chuck it all and give up.

If so, I’ve got 3 words for you – DON’T GIVE UP! Hang in there.

And think about this – has your dream caused your relatives to turn against you when you told them about it? Has your dad gotten sarcastic over you telling him about it? Did your brothers decided to kill you, then sell you as a slave instead? Did you work for a man who trusted you completely, only to have him throw you in jail because his wife lied about you attacking her?

NO? Then I think you can hang on to your dream and NOT GIVE UP. I mean, think about it. All this happened to Jospeh (Genesis 37, 39-45). He was 17 when God gave him two dreams about his future calling. Being young and maybe not thinking wisely, he told his brothers that his dream said they would be bowing down to him.

They already hated him because he was daddy’s favorite. They scoffed and because of his two dreams, they hated him even more. Then he told his dad. His dad got angry and basically said, “What? You gonna be the boss of us and we’re all going to bow down to you? Ha!”

One day his dad sends him out to check on his brothers and when the brothers saw him coming, they mocked “Oh look, here comes the dreamer.” They were so angry, they decided to kill him and tell their dad an evil beastie killed him. One brother prevailed saying, “No, let’s not kill him. He is our flesh after all.” So what do they do? They sold him as a slave.

He eventually works for Potiphar for several years until he was falsely accused by the man’s wife because Jospeh wouldn’t have sex with her. He gets tossed into prison.

By the time he stood before Pharoah he was 30 and he had spent 13 years working for Potiphar and in prison. By the time the brothers stood before him the first time, he was 39. He was around 41 when they came to Egypt the second time, still not knowing who Joseph was.

He was walking in his dream by 30 but the part he told his brothers about – bowing before him – it had been 22 years; he was 39. Don’t you think that before he turned 30, he had doubts that his dreams were from God? Remember, he was human just like we are. He would have had to force himself to hang on to those dreams.

I’m not saying you will have to wait that long, but if you are sure God has given you the dream in your heart, hang on to that dream. Do what He tells you to do. Thank Him that your dream will happen. Take a stand and hold on tight to what He has given  you.

Don’t give up.



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