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God, Milk and Eggs


Here is another story about God’s goodness in our lives. God wants to show us how much He loves us – and I, for one, love knowing that!

When we lived at our other house, we had access to farm fresh eggs and milk. We like the benefits of unpasteurized fresh milk and the eggs were always huge and delicious.  Once we moved here, for the first couple of years we had Mennonite friends who provided milk, eggs, butter, and cheese for us.

When our friends moved back to their home state, we were left without the fresh milk and eggs. Leland would tell me, “God knows what I want. I’ve asked Him to bring me another source for fresh milk and eggs.”

Outside office window
Side window of office

One day he came in for lunch from his office. His office is across a big parking area from our house. My office is at the side of our house, one huge window facing the parking area and his office, the other huge window facing our long driveway.

Fog 1
Front window from office

He came in and asked, “Did you see anyone come up the driveway?”

I replied, “Nope, why?”

He told me that when he was walking to the house to come in for lunch, he noticed a note stuck under the windshield wiper on the driver’s side of his Hummer. He pulled the note off and was shocked at what was written on it.

You must understand a couple of things – we live in the country enough so that if anyone came driving up our driveway, I should have seen them. If they parked next to his Hummer to get out and put a note under the windshield, I should have seen them. Then the most important thing of all – they would have to be very TALL to be able to put the note under the windshield. As it was, my 6’2″ husband had to stand in the doorway on the step up to reach the windshield and pluck off the note.

What did the note say?  “FRESH MILK AND EGGS. CALL DEBBIE…” and a phone number.

We didn’t know any Debbie, much less someone who sold milk and eggs. We hadn’t told anyone we were looking for milk and eggs. We were confused.

We shouldn’t have been.

Our God is a huge God. Huge. We finally broke down and called the telephone number. Sure enough the lady sold eggs and milk. She was as confused as we were as to how her number was put on our windshield, especially since we lived over 35 minutes away from her in another town.

The benefit at that time was that she was on his way home from work so it wasn’t out of his way. She was a wonderful woman who provided for us for a couple of years. Right after she had to quit selling, another provider came up.

As to that note? We can only assume one of the tall angels put it under his Hummer windshield wiper. No one drove up our driveway or parked next to his vehicle – I would have seen them. It wasn’t there when he went out to his office that morning but was there when he left to come in for lunch. There really is no other explanation.

Angels – sent to minister to us, heirs of salvation (deliverance, health, safety, save, heal, preserve, make whole).  (Hebrews 1:14)

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  1. That was an awesome experience. We just did not have a clue as to how much help they were. Angels knows phone numbers, can write notes, and knows the persons name. That is very specific. Wow!

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