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2011 – Poor Baby Pity Party

(A redux of older “lost” posts)

I once read a book about sisters. At one point, one of the sisters had a boyfriend problem and was heartbroken. She was whining and feeling sorry for herself. Another sister said, “Poor Baby.”  This signaled the beginning of The Poor Baby Pity Party.

The sister who wanted to feel sorry for herself and talk about the issue had the next five minutes to do so. The other sisters would say things like, “Oh poor baby. He’s not worthy of you, poor baby. He’s clearly scum, poor baby. That’s just awful. Poor, poor baby.” 

After five minutes had passed, the Poor Baby Pity Party was officially over. The whiner had to quit whining, and no one would feel sorry for her anymore. Usually she felt better and quit focusing on it!

While it sounds like an excellent solution to self-pity (at least it wasn’t long term self-pity), in order to get over something and move on, you can’t feel sorry for yourself. You can’t wallow in self-pity for months on end. Self-pity is a dangerous thing. So is unforgiveness, whining, murmuring, and complaining.

Is it that God doesn’t care that you are hurting? NO! But self-pity, whining, murmuring, and complaining (stealing, killing, destroying) all belong in the Devil’s Playground. None of those are faith.

As long as your enemy can get you to focus on anything but the power of God, he has you right where he wants you – powerless and unfaithful.

If you focus on a problem, you magnify it and it grows until it takes over any faith you may have had. It will take over your life. Fear (magnifying a problem) trumps faith every time.

Just how important is your pity party to you? Is it important enough to miss out on God’s best for you?  Important enough that He can’t help you because you aren’t in faith?

In Psalm 34:19 (NIV) – (a) The righteous person may have many troubles, (b) BUT the LORD delivers him from them all;

(a) many are the afflictions of the righteous. The original word (before translation) for afflictions is pressure, bad, evil, vexation, heaviness.

We will experience the enemy attempting to pressure us to get off our faith stand.

(b) BUT God delivers us out of them all – when you see the word “but” in any sentence (or hear spoken) that means every word that came before the word BUT can be disregarded – erased and ignored.  

Pressures may come BUT God delivers us out of them all. ALL. He delivers us out of all evil and bad.

If God delivers us out of ALL bad, evil, attacks, vexation, mistakes, then we have no reason to have a Poor Baby Pity Party. Even if you messed up, NO Poor Baby Pity Party.

We have His Word that He will rescue us – He will turn it around – He will protect us – He will heal us – He will deliver us. All we have to do is find that Word we need and read it, study it, meditate it, AND speak it until that Word becomes bigger than our pressure.

What more do you need to live a victorious life?  Oh yeah, quit having Poor Baby Pity Parties! And be THANKFUL that God delivers you out of every single thing that can come against you!

Scripture References

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Fear Not is stated 365 times in the Bible


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