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Angelic Help

In this time we live in, there are so many things written about angels. The majority of articles I read are not true, not based on the Bible, and some are totally made up.

I think one of the reasons people misunderstand about angels (other than they have no idea what the Bible says) is the King James terminology about them. They are called “ministering spirits” which is kind of nebulous if you don’t know what that means.

We understand guardian angels and think of them protecting children. Some think they leave us when we turn into adults. Not so. They are with us always – but they don’t always get to work for us.

Why? Well firstly, we don’t know they are there. Secondly, we don’t realize that we need to speak their language – God’s Word.

An example would be if a storm was coming to your area. Our language should NOT be, “Oh my God! We’re all going to die!!”  Nope, it would be, “I command the angels and The Blood to surround and protect our property out to a mile beyond our borders. Angels, you are assigned to keep any effects of storm away from us and keep us safe” (or something like that using your own words).

Angels are assigned to assist YOU. In fact the original Greek (Hebrews 1:14 YLT) calls them “spirits of service” – sent to minister for us or wait on us like a waiter in a restaurant. In a restaurant we would give our waiter our order and that waiter would GO GET what we asked for.

In a recent sermon, I heard there are 9 standards of angels like some that are known as “fullness of wisdom” which I would think means they bring us wisdom when you need it. Then you have “warrior” angels who wage war against any demonic strategies against God’s people. ”Archangels” communicate and carry out God’s specific plans. Wait until I tell you about God’s prosperity Angel!

I’m just now studying this information and will pass it on to you when I know more. The truth is though, there are angels sent to help us in EVERY area of life. I do know it is important to speak right words. They can’t be of service if you’re speaking garbage.

Help is available to us here on earth! That’s truly something to be thankful for!


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