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Happy Exciting 2020

So I’ve been out of pocket for a little bit. We found a temporary place to live and I underestimated how many posts to post ahead of time!

Then I began learning some amazing “revealatory” Word under Pastor Creflo Dollar and it has changed my life. It changes how I see redemption. It completely changes things I have probably believed since I got saved at 12, especially about the tithe and giving (hint: it’s a form of worship).

I will explain better later but let me say this for 2020 – it is time to stop works-based Christianity and realize Jesus paid for everything. Already. NOW. Everything is already paid for.

We don’t have to “do” to “get”. We don’t need to work in order to receive. He has already given us everything freely to enjoy. Yet some of us were taught that we had to do something to receive the Blessing.

I know I’ve felt like I never measured up. I felt guilty for so much of my life, as in, guilty that I’m not a good enough person and Christian. I felt like I was letting God down for every mistake I made. Receiving forgiveness was difficult because I felt I’d disappointed Him.

Well, I’m free of that garbage!!

For 2020 the best news is that we are already blessed. We already have The Blessing. Everything Jesus paid for is already ours and we don’t have to do a thing except receive it.

I’m having so much fun learning to be free in Jesus. This is going to be our best year ever and I am very excited!

1 Timothy 6:17
Ephesians 3:20

2 thoughts on “Happy Exciting 2020

  1. To KNOW Him is our greatest gift. In 2020 I will pursue Him like never before. I want to be that vessel that hears the voice of God and speaks the timely word to the one that God puts in my path or on my heart. I want to be molded into the vessel that oozes the peace of God, the fragrance of Jesus, to all around me. I want the healing virtues of Jesus to flow through me as I impart the anointing. 2020 a year to receive the full redemption and pass it on. Blessings to you and Leland.

  2. That truly has been an eye-opener. I found out that I have basically been living a performance based life. If I do this then He will do that. I was trying to buy/pay for the gifts that come with salvation without realizing it. Now I can give out of gratitude for what He has already done.

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