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Siri and the Holy Spirit

Most Christians do not understand the importance – or work – of The Holy Spirit/Ghost.  John 14-16 talks about Jesus asking The Father to give us a comforter. He will abide with us forever, He will teach us all things, bring all things to our remembrance (whatever Jesus has said).  And, in truth, the Holy Spirit is so much more than that.

The other day Leland and I were talking and something was said about the software system Siri. Most of us know Siri as the voice in our vehicle that gives us GPS directions. I swear the Siri in Leland’s former vehicle did not like me. I could ask for specific directions and the voice never answered me or would state, “I’m sorry. I do not understand what you are saying.” Leland could ask the same question and receive an answer immediately. Grrr.

I digress. Siri. We began talking how the Holy Spirit was like Siri. If you ask questions, He will guide you. If you mess up, going the wrong way, He will redirect you. To understand more, there are mini-booklet links below.

You communicate your questions by asking, then praying in your prayer language (tongues). Tongues is simply a language you don’t understand. Because translators used the word “tongues” it became something to fear, make fun of, or misunderstand. Because of that, most Christians do not take advantage of the help.

The Holy Spirit is Some ONE being sent to benefit us here on earth. He is part of the Trinity, and meant as a helper (one meaning of the word “comforter”). What’s cool is that when you spend time praying in your language, while only God can understand the language, you can ask for interpretation, revelation and manifestation.

The Holy Spirit, unlike Siri, WANTS you to receive the help you need. He will also never give you wrong directions or tell you He doesn’t understand what you’re asking. Sio there Siri, I stick my tongue out to you!

If you haven’t asked for the gift of the Holy Spirit, I urge you to take advantage of what God has given you to help you here on earth. There is nothing you can’t ask the Holy Spirit – direction. wisdom, help, understanding – and yes, even help with cattle!

Sometime I will tell you how, after many failures to receive (my fault), I finally did begin to speak in my prayer language – and HATED how it sounded!

John 14:16
John 14:26
John 15:26
John 16:7

One man’s experience of Speaking in Tongues (how to)

The Mini Booklet I Read to Understand Why Tongues

The Mini Booklet I Read then Received

Siri Software System Copyright/Trademark: Apple

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  1. Awesome! The Holy Spirit is forever with us and what a friend He is. Guiding my footsteps to get me back on track and never being mad at me.

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