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Another Holy Spirit Miracle

This is 2 fl oz spray – spray in toilet before “you go” essential oil so stuff slips under and doesn’t (supposedly) stink up bathroom.

I knocked it off the sink counter Friday (Jan 8) and the little lid in picture popped off and disappeared. Literally. Leland and I looked everywhere. For quite a while. It’s a VERY small bathroom so if it was in there, we should have found it. We looked in the hallway outside the door. We looked anywhere it may have “flown”.

I finally said, “The Holy Spirit is going to have to show me where it is”. Notice, I didn’t pray at that time, I just made the statement.

This picture shows that when you’re sitting, the trash can and tower of TP is in front of you. 

By this time, Leland and I had done our search. I went in to check the bathroom floor one more time but nothing.

Came the thought: look in trash can.

The trash can was full of tissue (wipe mouth, blow nose tissue) and 3 used toilet paper rolls. Nothing nasty. but I looked, pushed aside tissue on top because “logic” says it would be there. Nothing.

THEN I prayed and asked the Holy Spirit to please show me where the lid went. I can’t use the spray without it because I don’t have another similar lid. I didn’t want to buy another spray right then.

Later while I was working, the thought came again: look in trash can. 

So in I went again and i pushed aside tissues and toilet paper rolls, moving it around (half-heartedly) and looked near the bottom. Nothing.

Gave up and went back to work. You have to understand, I wasn’t in great faith here. The only thing I’ve learned is to obey that “random” thought even if I seemingly had no answer.

Really late that night in the office: take the tissues out and look again.

By now I was thinking I just plain missed it. I had to be silly to check again but I took trash can to the office to sit down and pull the tissue out, individually, and put in my office trash can. BUT, I set it down because I got side tracked on computer.

I was heading to bed and had the thought to leave the trash can in the office. Saturday morning, Leland usually takes all the trash out. My thought was if I put it back in the bathroom (notice, I haven’t emptied the tissues out of it yet) that he might empty it before I checked. I shut door as normal.

Saturday morning he asked me why the trash can was in the office. I explained. He said it was a good thing I left it in there because he had opened the office door looking for it and “almost” went in to get it to empty it. That is unusual for him not to empty it..

I took the trash can to the kitchen trash can and pulled out each individual tissue and 3 toilet paper rolls. I shook them to make sure the lid wasn’t wrapped in tissue. When I pulled the last bit of tissue out of the trash can, I just stood there. 

Why? Shock. There at the very bottom sat the spray top.

Here is the important thing: I wasn’t perfect. I wasn’t so full of faith that I just KNEW the lid was going to be there. I was only quick to obey EVEN though I thought it was silly.

Notice how many times the Holy Spirit prompted me to look in the trash can. He wasn’t exasperated that I wasn’t finding it. He finally told me what to do when I didn’t really check like I believed the lid was there.

That’s how much He loves us. If you keep obeying even if it seems silly – well, who knows how that lid got there – angels or it fell. I don’t care. I just know He led me to it just like I asked Him to! 


2 thoughts on “Another Holy Spirit Miracle

  1. I sometimes am tempted to “not want to bother God” because there’s so much “really big stuff” happening in the world, and I know He has to take care of all of it, so I don’t want to approach the throne with my “small stuff”. However, he cares about, and takes care of, every little detail of our lives, no matter how seemingly insignificant! He’s a great and mighty FATHER!!! This was a great post! I laughed a lot, but I knew how it was going to turn out!!

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