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LIDT: Know Your Benefits

First off, all Conservatives (actually anyone), do NOT go to any of the protests or rallies leading up to the supposed inauguration. It’s a set up.

I want SO badly to post about what’s going on in the USA right now. Alas, God won’t allow me. He is about Romans 2:4b – …the goodness of God draws… I am to stick to the Word.

OK I am going answer a question someone asked: if God has protection for us, why does it seem some people are not protected?

Two-fold answer. One, the blessings and benefits of God do not fall on your head. Remember when you were saved (born again)? Somewhere you heard a message (and received it by faith) that promised if you would repent and confess Jesus as your Lord, you would be forgiven and  *tada* you belong to God. 

But did you notice that none of the other benefits of Psalms 103 seemed to become yours.  Psalm 68:19 even says God loads us up daily with those benefits of Psalm 103. Just a handful of those benefits include: verses 3-6:

–He forgives all my sins and heals all my diseases.
–He redeems me from death and crowns me with love and tender mercies.
–He fills my life with good things.
–My youth is renewed like the eagle’s!
–The LORD gives righteousness and justice to all who are treated unfairly.

Point Two just like salvation, before you can benefit from the benefits (smile), you need to hear about them, learn they are actually your rights because of Jesus, then believe they are yours (just like salvation).

You receive the benefits and blessings by faith. You won’t have faith without Romans 10:17 – faith comes by hearing (not “having heard”) the Word of God.

You need a continual filling of God’s Word – faith-based sermons, books, streaming, DVDs, and more. The more you hear, the stronger your faith becomes. The stronger your faith becomes, the easier it is to believe God and the Bible.

Find your promises, benefits, blessings, and then start believing. Believe you have angels, The Blood, the Holy Spirit, supernatural protection, prosperity, healing, and more..

2 thoughts on “LIDT: Know Your Benefits

  1. Awesome! Protection is real and when you have that confidence it frees you up to do other things without having to have that on your mind.

  2. Amazing word!! Thank you. God has me on a short leash right now also. Teaching me to walk with Him in obedience moment by moment.
    It’s really been awesome learning to walk with Him and separate myself from this world.

    Love you my friend!!


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