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Only Believe

As Christians the most important thing, the only thing, we need to learn is to trust God. Our only job is to trust what lines up with what God says. To only believe God.

Our son has always had strong faith for healing and health. No matter what the enemy has thrown at him, he refuses to believe that Jesus won’t heal him.

One Christmas when Joshua was young (around 9), he was hit hard with some type of flu bug. He laid on the couch and wasn’t interested in opening gifts, eating or celebrating. I finally asked him if he wanted to go to the hospital because of how sick he felt.

He was adamant that Jesus was his healer and would heal him. He did not want to go to the doctor (not that there is anything wrong with that). He didn’t care how he felt, he believed that after we prayed, he was healed. I was confident enough that he was in faith, so we didn’t go.

That was Day 1. The next day (Saturday), he spent some time in bed but by Sunday was up and feeling great, but was very confused.

His confusion? He wanted to know Jesus hadn’t healed him right away (like He always did), and I had no answer. We knew He did heal him and we would focus on that. Remember this – he was sick two days, with the second day more in recovery (sleeping) than sick.

The next day, Monday, I went on to work. Once I arrived I discovered most of the work force was out. Come to find out that there was some sort of big bad bug going around that kept people off their feet or wrapped around a toilet and in bed for at least a week.

At the hospital I would have taken Joshua to, the emergency room had 315 people come through in a couple of hours. A lot of the doctors were also ill.

When I got home from work that evening, I couldn’t wait to share. I reminded Joshua that Jesus had healed him it just took some time for his body to catch up – totally recovered within two days. Then I told him how, whatever that flu bug attack was, everyone else was sick for at least a week and didn’t feel that good even once the bug passed.

We both realized Joshua had a miracle. We also realized that because Joshua stuck to his guns and didn’t go by what he felt, he received his healing right away. He wasn’t sick for a week, and, according to what I’d learned, he also wasn’t as sick as he should have been.

He ignored his physical senses and stuck to what he knew – Jesus was his healer – and that is what he received. It’s that simple. He only believed.

This week, trust that God loves His America, a country founded on Him. Do not go by what you hear or see in the media (if it’s even reporting). God has said He will take care of America. Righteousness wins. Believe that. Only Believe.



2 thoughts on “Only Believe

  1. I love that. Josh is a good example to just believe. It also is the same for our country. God said Trump 4 more years. So I stand on that and don’t go by what I see.

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