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LIDT: Hear Right, Obey Right

More than ever God is emphasizing, especially this year, how important it is to hear His voice and obey it. 

One time I asked Him to help me hear His voice more clearly and to be quicker to obey what I hear. I used to live in a rural area with hilly and twisting roads. I was heading home from church one evening. driving up a steep hill, and I heard inside me, “SLOW DOWN”. I said, “I’m doing the speed limit” and heard, “I THOUGHT you wanted to learn to hear Me better?” 

I immediately took my foot off the gas pedal right before I crested the hill, slowing the car down. In the middle of the road spanning both lanes were so many deer just standing there it looked like a deer convention. Even if I had tried to swerve to miss them, I could not have.

Had I not taken my foot off the gas pedal, I would have plowed into those deer. As it was, I was able to slam on the brakes and stop. They scattered but I don’t even want to think, even now, what could have happened. THAT is how important hearing God and obeying God are.

I’d love to say I hear and obey Him perfectly, but that would be a lie. Sometimes I still look back on something and say, “Oh. That WAS God trying to tell me something.” It could be something as simple as choosing a coffee pot and hearing, “Don’t take that box” ignoring that prompt and picking one that had been returned and it didn’t work properly, or “Don’t go down that road” and ending up in a LONG line of traffic because of an accident ahead and you could have gone around.

It could also keep you from that accident if you obey His voice and slow down or use a different route. It could keep you from being mugged because He said, “Don’t go there today.” Ask God to help you – He will.

Find those scriptures that talk about safety and protection. That talk about health and healing. That talk about benefits. That talk about His love for us. Then, when He speaks to us (that voice inside us), you will recognize it’s Him because you know Him through His Word. 


Good tools:

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