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LITD: God, With You Wherever You Go

Monday I talked about how God is with you. You would think this was an easy concept to understand. But no. It really isn’t.

Tuesday I had a mini-melt down. I began whining. I began the  “who what when where why” act.

You know – “where are we supposed to live?” and “have we missed where we are supposed to be?” and “why aren’t we prospering like we used to?” and “have we missed it somewhere?” and “when, Lord, when?” and “why, Lord, why?”.

Somewhere along this journey, we decided we were not in the right place because if we were, wouldn’t God have blessed us? Wouldn’t things HE had told us to believe for be manifesting? So stupidly we began saying, “God can’t bless us here because we’re in the wrong place.”

Once I got quiet Tuesday, I heard God speak very clearly inside me, “What is the Truth?” I mumbled some truths, “God loves me” and “God is my Father and He doesn’t play games to make me guess what He wants.”

He interrupted me and said, “Go read your Monday’s devotional”. Yep, He took me to my own post to get His point across to me.

He had me read everything that came after “God with…” and I did. A few times. Finally I saw it. I saw something I’d read so many times and yet had never seen it.

Joshua 1:9b … For the LORD your God is with you WHEREVER YOU GO.”

If God is with me wherever I go, then He is with me here and I am supposed to be blessed – simply because He is with me. God NEVER said, “God was with Nan… until she blew it.”

It is important to know that God is with you wherever you go. It is important NOT to believe lies. The devil is working to get his lies out to God’s people so he can pull his John 10:10, steal, kill and destroy.

Don’t let the devil rob you of a single blessing from God. 



1 thought on “LITD: God, With You Wherever You Go

  1. That is really good point. It is one thing to say God is with you but another to know He is with you. He has never left us.

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