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LIDT: Venom – Shake It Off

I felt prompted to go ahead and send this Living in Dangerous Times (LIDT) post early. I believe the sooner we learn this, the better. Meditate this because in the time we are living in, it truly is, “according to your faith, be it unto you”*.

This morning I saw a report stating that 47% of the vaccinated people make up the NEW Covid cases.  There has been a lot of talk and fear about the vaccine (venom**), including fear among the majority of Christians. Fear – the enemy’s tactic. Fear – the devil’s playground. 

God reminded me not just about F.E.A.R.   He reminded me of Paul on the Island of Malta (Acts 28).

Paul was shipwrecked on the island. While gathering wood for the fire, he was bitten by a deadly poisonous snake. He shook it off and went about his business. The islanders who had seen the snake hanging from his hand knew he was a goner. They waited for him to drop dead.

Paul did not drop dead. He shook the snake off like it was no biggie. Yet venom (vaccine) would have gone into his system. He should have swollen up and died. IT DID NOT AFFECT HIM. Why?

Isaiah 54:17a: NO weapon formed against you shall prosper

I looked up the word “no” just to make sure. No means: not any, not at all, to no extent, never, none. Or in Nan-isms, zip, zilch, nada, nothing. NO

There is talk of the military going door to door and making people take the vaccine (venom). If they did force you to take the vaccine (venom), so what? IF you believe the Word then it will be as if nothing was shot into you. It will be neutralized by the power of the Blood of Jesus. 

If you have already taken the vaccine (venom), had to take it as part of your employment, or for any reason – rebuke the power of the vaccine and call it null and voided. Ask God to destroy the effects of it. Ask God to infuse your body with life, healing and health. Trust that NO weapon formed against you prospers.

Because, truly God was not caught off guard by this Covid attack. I believe He made sure Paul’s venom story was put into the Bible for such a time as this. If the venom did not prevail against Paul, the vaccine cannot prevail those who believe.

Walk in the boldness of your authority, shake of the effects of the vaccine (venom), choose your words wisely, and know – God’s got your back!

*Matthew 9:29
**venom – a poisonous substance secreted by animals such as snakes (serpent, representative of satan)

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