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Take Accountability for Where You Are in Life

Your words are so powerful that they will kill or give life, and the talkative person will reap the consequences.  Proverbs 18:21  (TPT)

As an adult, do you know that you are the reason you are where you are in life today? You can disagree, argue, get upset, but the Bible fact is, you are.

Your words and your choices are either based on God’s Word and His ways or not. He has already made provision for you to succeed in every area of life. If God has done that, then obviously He is not to blame for where you are.

You may not realize how many times the words of your mouth destroyed – killed – things around you.

Relationships live – or die – by your words. You can kill your marriage by speaking contrary to what God says about your spouse. You can kill your relationship with your children with nagging and dire confessions (“You’re never going to amount to anything”). 

You can kill your job. You confess you’ll be the one laid off. You speak about how your boss is a jerk (and with that, he/she always will be), your co-workers don’t like you, you’ll never get a raise, or you won’t get that contract. And you’re right – about all of it.

You can kill your future by constantly talking about the past, the ex’s who “done you wrong”, the horrid childhood, opportunities you lost, or circumstances that took away your choices. Looking backward to the past stops your forward movement into your future opportunities. You’re facing the wrong way!

You can kill your health. You can speak (and believe) sickness, disease, symptoms, and doctor’s reports.  Yes, it may be a fact sickness and disease has attacked your body but the Truth is, “by the whip marks of Jesus, you are healed”. NO, it’s not easy to stand and believe against the reports of the professionals, but again, it’s your choice.

Anything contrary to what the Bible says – healing and health – is death in your mouth. If you miss it and go on to heaven, well, as Leland used to say, “Your outcome is stunning!” You’ll be in heaven with Jesus.

Anything that destroys is part of the devil’s repertoire. His “steal, kill and destroy” death-style. You speak destruction, you speak (and agree with) the devil’s language.

Is that what you really want? 

Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be. ~~ -Abraham Lincoln