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The Holy Spirit Does More For Us Than We Know

I’ve spoken a little about the Holy Spirit (and angels). It wasn’t that long ago that Leland and I realized we were missing a huge part of the benefits of our salvation. Once we began to really study how He helps us – and that He isn’t an “it” but a real person – it changed everything.  

As Christians, we are living so far under what God provides for us, it’s ridiculous. One of the characteristics of the Holy Spirit is that He will guide us. Also our angels really do protect us.


So a miracle story – it’s kind of a combo of two. The other night I woke up suddenly. The Holy Spirit reminded me that the garbage disposal in this rent house is easily turned on because the switch is on the front of the sink, at hip level (at least mine; I’m short). I can lean over to reach something like the dish soap and bump the switch.

After that reminder, He left it up to me to put it together.

I understood right away what He was telling me. I often stick my hand in the disposal to clear out an obstruction. I have been doing this off and on without thought since June of last year, 2021. Even when I was looking at the place to see if I wanted to rent it, the landlady made a statement to be careful of the switch.

I not once, ever, put together the switch being easily turned on and my hand being down the disposal. Not once in the whole past year and a half. Wow. You talk about a revelation and the knowledge that my angels sure have been protecting me. 

You better believe I covered the switch with duct tape to hold it in place. I have a mesh strainer over the opening to catch foodstuff and I will be putting any in baggies and into the trash. No more garbage disposal use for me! I like my fingers.

The other story was when Josh was a young man – about 11 years old. He has always been curious but this? I can only say that God is merciful to him, too.

I had my blender sitting out on the counter for some reason. I walked into the kitchen and Josh was standing there with a funny look on his face. I asked him what he was doing. He said that he had put his hand down in the blender. He had the thought to see if he could stop the blades with his hand or not. Then he just felt like he had better not do that.

I reminded him of this a couple of days ago, after I had my own wakeup call. He said he still has a scar on his finger where he’d touched the blade. We both know even more than ever now what a huge miracle that little scar is as a reminder of – that he could have lose all his fingers.

Start finding out more about the Holy Spirit. Ask Him for help every day. Same with your angels, ask them to protect you from all harm every morning before you begin your day. Thank them for protecting you every night. 


Acts 1:8 (He gives us power)
Romans 8:26-27 (He helps us pray when we don’t know what to pray)
John 14:26 (He will remind us of what Jesus said – actually He will bring all things to our memory, even test information we studied for!)
John 15:13 (He will guide us in all truth and He will show us the future)