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Be Like the Pillsbury Dough Boy®

Did you ever wonder how someone always knows if you are in the Word or not? If you were spending time with God and the Holy Spirit?  Me, too.

When I was backslidden (away from God) or even working on being back, my mom ALWAYS knew and I didn’t know how. I thought it was that old adage that mothers have eyes in the back of their heads.

But no. Mom knew by the words of my mouth, by my attitude, by what I was saying or talking about the most. That’s how people know where you are in your life. After spending time with God you speak and act differently.

When Leland and I changed the words we were speaking as a couple, we turned our lives around for the better. Then again, that didn’t happen until we filled our (spiritual) hearts with God’s Word. We were determined to speak right so we spent copious amounts of time in the Word and with God.

We became like the Pillsbury Dough Boy. He was a character from TV commercials for Pillsbury. A finger would poke him in the tummy and he giggled. Leland and I might be poked by adversity, but we learned to always speak life and Word no matter what. Just like the giggle was automatic, so was our response to adversity – God’s Word.

It didn’t start out that way but we kept at it. It got to the point wrong words sounded like fingernails scratching on a chalkboard, horrible, no matter who was speaking them. It made us cringe and want to slap our hand over their mouth and say, “Is THAT what you want to happen in your life?”

If you want to change your finances, change the lack in your life, health, or relationships, or change anything negative, YOU HAVE TO CHANGE YOUR WORDS. All of then, all the time. No jesting about age or death. People think they’re being funny but they’re actually speaking death.

SPEAK LIFE. Your life right now is a sum total of what you’ve been speaking. Take responsibility for it and CHANGE those words. If you just said, “Well I don’t believe that” then I challenge you to ask God to show you. Believe me, He will.

Two important notes:

1 – Speaking life is a principle from God’s Word that will never change.  Leland’s dying does NOT change the truth of the Bible. He was fallible. The Bible is not. God and His Word NEVER change.

2 – If you speak contrary to what God says, your angels come to a screeching halt and wait until you speak something they can work with – God’s Word. They were bring the answer to what life you were speaking. YOU stopped it.

Isaiah 40:8

Proverbs 4:22
Psalm 103:20
Hebrews 13:8
Malachi 3:6