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The Importance of “Pleading the Blood”

Revelation 12:11a (TPT) – They conquered him (devil) completely through The Blood of the Lamb (Jesus) and the powerful word of His testimony…

Hebrews 10:23 –  Let us hold fast the profession (or confession, what we say) of our faith without wavering; (for He is faithful that promised;)

The first time I heard the phrase “plead the Blood” I had no idea what it meant. Once I discovered it is a Weapon God has given His people, I began to study and use it. You “use” the Blood of Jesus (through words) to overcome the devil’s tricks in your life.

One time I heard an author say she used to lay her hand on her son’s head and pray: “In the Name of Jesus I apply the Blood of Jesus over (son’s name) car, bumper to bumper, side to side, top to bottom, every working part. (Son) will go and come home safely.”*

I began doing that when Josh (my son) started driving. OH, the stories I could tell of God’s protection!

Anyway, that’s not the point of this post today. A good study (w/stories) is one I’ve recommended before.  The Blood and the Glory by Billye Brim (Kindle and paperback

Today I want to share what just happened to me that shows how important it is to surround things with the Blood.

God prompted me to cover everything I shipped off and that was shipped to me (through the mail or through shippers like UP$ or Fed-X). Plus to quit bad-mouthing stores when they irritated me  (like Wa*Mart. He pointed out that if He wanted to bless me, He couldn’t because of my mouth.

So last Wednesday, the 28th of May, I ordered a case of toilet tissue from one of those stores. It said it wasn’t going to arrive until June 10th.

The very next day a F-shipper truck pulled into my driveway, slid open his door, looked around inside, closed his door, and drove away without leaving anything.

A few hours later, a man in a pickup truck pulled up, rang the bell, asked me if this was the Loyd residence. Then he told me he had found a box in a ditch on another road about 3 miles from my house. The box had split open but the contents seemed intact.

I was confused because my order wasn’t due for about a week and a half. I’d just placed the order the day before yet in that box was a case of toilet tissue. I said to the man that he was living proof that good people still existed because most people would have kept the toilet tissue.

His reply, “Oh no, I couldn’t keep this. I’m a Christian.”

Yes, it is important to apply The Blood to everything concerning you – whether it’s driving teenagers to your life to homes to a box of toilet tissue. Protect yourself and things concerning you! Even shipments

*Billye, Brim. Blood and the Glory (p. 6). Harrison House LLC. Kindle Edition.

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