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Don’t Take Ownership of Problems

Many years ago, I was watching Minister Benny Hinn during a healing meeting. He said something that stuck with me ever since.

(Paraphrase)  After an excellent sermon, he prayed. There was a woman in a wheelchair who’d been brought up on the stage. She hadn’t walked in years. She’d been prayed for many times to no avail. He asked her if she believed that when he laid hands on her and prayed, that she would not only be healed but walk again.

She gave a resounding YES and he prayed for her. She was so gloriously healed that she jumped up out of the chair and ran around the stage.

When she came back to where Benny was, he pointed toward the wheelchair. He pointed out all the ways she’d personalized the chair. It was painted a beautiful color. She had a name plate on the back of it with her name on it. There were other things but he point was this:

He said, “See how you personalized this wheelchair? You made it your own. You owned this chair as if you never expected to get out of it again. You have even called it “your” wheelchair tonight. This means you took ownership of the chair which represented the sickness. This is why you haven’t been able to receive your healing. You OWNED it.”

His point was how Christians were so busy owning their sickness and disease symptoms that God couldn’t set them free. They opened the door to satan’s attack and invited him in. They owned the symptoms and received the disease or sickness.

He said, “Never again declare it ‘your‘ wheelchair. Never call it ‘your‘ sickness. Don’t go around claiming, ‘I have such-in-such disease.’  You may have symptoms (Satan seeing if you accept them) but that does not mean you have the disease. You are the healed and satan is trying to steal it.”

From that day on I NEVER again took ownership of so much as a cold symptom. I never said I had the flu again and didn’t. If I couldn’t speak faith, I didn’t say anything at all. It doesn’t mean I didn’t have opportunities or symptoms didn’t try to attach themselves to me. I denied their right to be there. Why?

Jesus died a horrible death for my healing and health so I wasn’t accepting any sickness symptoms, ever.

Stop taking ownership of things contrary to what God purchased for you. That sickness or disease. The chronic pain or financial difficulty (or poverty or lack). ONLY speak what the Bible says about you. Who and what God calls you – healed, whole, prosperous, etc.

Quote scripture in the face of the devil’s lying symptoms. Keep confessing it over and over until what your confessing manifests. It may not happen overnight but keep the faith confession going.

Those symptoms are not a part of who you are. You are a Child of The Most High God. Jesus died for YOU – to have life and that life more abundantly. You are supposed to be healthy, successful and prosperous in every area of your life. Quit accepting less.

Mark 11:23
John 10:10


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