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Hinderances to Healing #4

I know I missed a couple of weekly posts. I am committed to saying only what God tells me to say. Because of that, and the fact that He hasn’t said anything specific lately, I wasn’t comfortable re-posting older Musings right now. 

What He’s had me doing is reading. I had a book I hadn’t read in quite a while. When I saw the title on my Kindle bookshelf, I knew I needed to re-read it. It’s been awhile and I needed a refresher course.

The book is entitle, “Removing Roadblocks to Health and Healing” by Annette Capps. (Charles Capps daughter). It’s an easy-to-understand read and VERY eye-opening. 

Anyway, since Leland died, I slowly began having health problems. I believe in healing so I knew I was missing it somewhere. I had persistent symptoms that seemingly would not go away.

Since I knew God is my healer and I knew Jesus died for my healing, I knew the problem wasn’t with them.

Also, since I watched my beloved die in my arms, and I knew he believed God was his healer, I was determined to figure this out.

Ms. Capps lists 10 reasons in her book (which is not everything). I knew in my case that one of the reasons was unforgiveness. I finally realized that I was still angry with Leland for leaving me here and with our calling just hanging out there, unfinished. 

I realized he didn’t have to die. If he had obeyed God’s prompting to go to the doctor he’d still be here. Because he stubbornly didn’t, he left an open door for the devil to come in and attack. It didn’t help that a week before he died, God woke me up to tell him he was going to die if he didn’t go to the doctor.

I thought I’d forgiven him but God pointed out that if I still thought of it and shared it with others three years later, then I hadn’t.  Mark 11:25-26 points out that by not forgiving, God can’t forgive us. It affects our faith and it affects our ability to believe God for healing and health.

So yeah, I was still angry.

There were other areas, but already the symptoms are leaving. I highly recommend this book to you. Ask God to show you what you need to learn. Ask Him to help you understand. Listen to Him then obey anything He tells you to do. Don’t scoff and feel you know it all about healing. Leland made that mistake. 

There is an e-book edition (click on the cover to be taken to Amazon). There is also a paperback edition. (Click on link)

Expect God to talk go you. He loves you and wants you well!!

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1 thought on “Hinderances to Healing #4

  1. Nan, it is no coincidence that your blessed teaching message reached my husband & me.
    God bless you – thank you, sweet Christian.

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