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His Word Lights Your Way

One time when Leland and I were teaching in a small church, God gave us an illustration. The sanctuary we were in had no windows. He had me turn off all the lights, showing how dark it was in the room. He then had me light a small tea light candle. IMMEDIATELY that tiny light… Read More His Word Lights Your Way

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God is With You

Sunday I heard an amazing sermon. The main point kind of goes with last Thursday’s theme, “With or Without Him“. The sermon was “With Him” and the minister mentioned a handful of people. I want to share a little here. It starts with Genesis 39:2-3  The LORD was WITH Joseph, and he was a successful… Read More God is With You

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Supernatural Protection

Today I am going to recommend a book for those of you who want to know more about supernatural protection. God has made provision for us, His people, to be supernaturally protected no matter what is going on in the world. I also ask that you pray for those who are both standing up for… Read More Supernatural Protection