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Monster’s Inc.© and God

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So many times, I see the Bible (Word of God) explained through everyday situations. I’ll watch people, see or hear about situations or view movies, and get an epiphany. Most of the time that epiphany is not very “deep”. Then again, I’ve discovered God and knowledge of Him (and His ways) is very simple.

God meets me on my level. I’m thinking my level is more kindergarten than Master’s degree in theology but it makes Him very easy to understand.

Let me give you an example. A few days ago, I was reading my devotional for the day. The day’s topic was about having no condemnation. The main point was that, unlike the people of the Old Testament (OT), we (New Testament people, NT) don’t have to DO things, punish ourselves or offer up sacrifices to make up for our sins.

Crucifixion Symbols Over Vintage Cloth

The author was talking about the difference between atonement (OT) and what the Blood of Jesus provides (remittance, NT). Atonement is a covering. It covered over and covered up, but didn’t destroy the sins of the Israelites in the Old Testament. And that animal blood sacrifice they had to do was temporary – it only covered for a year.

On the other hand, the Blood that Jesus shed on the cross (remittance) did away with the sin. Totally wipes it out. Permanently, forever. Never to be remembered by God again.

Example: if you have a financial debt, at bank note, atonement would cover the note and pay it in full. Remittance wipes out the ink of the note (like invisible ink) so that there is NO EVIDENCE that there ever was a debt, a note. It does not exist anymore.

monsters inc 1

That point reminded me of a kid’s movie Leland and I love. If you have kids or grandkids (or just enjoy Pixar like we do), you probably saw the Pixar cartoon comedy, Monster’s Inc.©  A short take on the movie – monsters worked in a scare factory. They would pop out of the closet of a child in the human world, scare that child and that child’s scream would be captured and provide electricity to the city in the monster world.

monsters inc 3 crop
Child’s sock on back

Later on the workers discover that a child’s uninhibited laughter provided much more power than fear ever did (hmm, there is a story in that, too, i.e., laughter is like a medicine?). Anyway, in the beginning the monsters believe that if anything from the child’s world touched them, they would die. Therefore there were “agencies” (like a police Swat team) who would come in and destroy any contamination (i.e., a child’s sock).

sock decontaminate
Dome Over Sock

They would isolate the sock, place a dome over the sock and screw the dome down. Then the interior of the dome would incinerate the evidence of the sock and once the dome was removed, there weren’t even ashes left. It was as if the sock never existed.


Of course, whoever the item was on was also put through decontamination. Shave all their fur/hair off and shower, so they had to start fresh growing hair.

The Blood of Jesus is like that dome, utterly destroying any evidence of sin. It is that simple. Once you repent and ask God to forgive you, any proof that you ever missed the mark (sin) is destroyed. It no longer exists, at least not in God’s eyes. And like the cartoon character who was decontaminated, we are also new, fresh, starting a new life. Thank goodness we don’t lose our hair!

The only ones who can bring the missed mark back up are you and the devil. If you don’t let it go, forgive yourself as God has forgiven you, it can taunt and haunt you. The devil’s job is to get you to feel that way: condemned, but that’s a Musing for another day.

Today just realize that you are free from condemnation. You are free to walk around without guilt, no matter what you’ve done in the past. Like that dome, anything from your past can be placed under that “dome” (the Blood) and be utterly, totally destroyed – as if it never existed.


Walk free today! God is good!

You have His Word on it!




.*© Disney Enterprises, Inc./Pixar Animation Studios. All Rights Reserved.

Romans 8:1
Psalm 103:12
Isaiah 43:25
Ephesians 4:24


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