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How Long Do You Wait?

Sick as a dog
Sick as a dog

I know I haven’t posted in awhile. I pretty much spent the entire month of March under some strange physical attack. I waited for the manifestation of healing. And waited. And waited.

At one point Leland said, “Why don’t you go to the doctor?” 

I replied, “No, I believe God for healing.”  

Please understand I wasn’t in pride that if I went to the doctor, I wasn’t a strong Christian. I was just standing for my healing. Or so I thought.

Finally after a month of itchy, painful, irritating symptoms I prayed to God and felt a prompting, “Go to the doctor.” I knew to go, if for nothing else, relief! Plus those symptoms were eroding my faith.

We prayed for the doctor to have wisdom and I made an appointment. The doctor ran a few tests and took a piece of my skin for a biopsy that made me want to hurt my him – man, did that hurt! Blah blah blah.

He told me that he thought he knew what it was but to make sure he would take that biopsy and throw all sorts of medicines at me for different symptoms of what it could be. He wanted to hit it with medicine so I could have relief until he knew what it was, for sure. He told me what the disease symptoms were, and mainly I just heard, “waa, waa, waa, bladdy blah.” Too much information.

When the doctor’s office called me a few days later, they told me that his diagnosis was what he thought it was. They gave me this scary sounding name so I decided to do a quick research of the name of the disease. Let me warn you, do NOT go in-depth into researching the name of something the enemy is trying to put on you.


You run the risk of knowing more about a disease than you do God’s healing power in His Word. You don’t need to know the name of the disease for God to heal you. Plus the more you know about a disease the more the enemy has to throw at you, like, “Well, you know this disease lasts forever, right? There is no cure?” 

Three things came out of this. One is that it is not wrong to go to a doctor.  I discovered that I was never going to get relief from the symptoms (short of a miracle by this point) without the rub-on meds the doctor prescribed for me. By the time I finally broke down and went to the doctor, he was questioning my sanity for waiting. 

Sometimes you need relief in order to continue to stand for a healing. Sometimes you discover you are doing something that opened the door to sickness and disease (and you need to quit it!). Sometimes you think you’re standing in faith but you’re really not. You’re in “Boy, I hope He heals me because this itching is horrible” or “I believe I am healed (but I sure hope this itching pain goes away soon).” The itching pain talks to you more than God’s Word.

Two is that the “disease” he diagnosed was quite interesting. The research showed there is no known treatment to get rid of it. Another fact was that it is a “for the rest of your life” problem that flares up occasionally and requires those meds to get relief. Also, science doesn’t know where it comes from or what causes it

When I read that I shouted, “I know where it comes from – hell! This is obviously a sickness symptom from the devil – they don’t know what causes it and they don’t know where it comes from? Ha! Sounds just like him.” How much more obvious can the devil’s symptoms be?

sinking boat

Three is that you can be foolish standing for a healing when you see no improvement and you faith is being chewed on by the enemy because you have painful symptoms distracting you. Sometimes you just need to stand and sometimes you need to face that you really have less Word in you than you need! (When it started, I should have hit my healing scriptures harder than I had been!)

As I said, there is no sin in going to a doctor. With the relief I received from the meds, I am able to go after the disease the enemy is trying to get me to keep. I go after it with the Word and built up my faith. I make healing confessions from scripture. I keep my mind renewed to the healing that Jesus acquired on the cross for me. I remind myself constantly that I am redeemed from the curse of the law. I am redeemed from sickness and disease.

What I don’t do is give up simply because I had to get medicine for relief. I do not get under condemnation because I went to the doctor. I don’t quit believing that God’s Word is true.

What I do is believe God. While the doctor’s report is a fact, God’s Word is my truth.  Who’s report will I believe?

by His stripes was healed

I choose God’s report which is, “By His stripes I was healed” (1 Peter 2:24). Not just that, but I need to focus any healing scripture I come across in the Bible. I remind myself of every sickness and disease (especially impossible ones) that God has already healed me from. Then I settle it.

I choose healing.

I have His Word on It!


3 thoughts on “How Long Do You Wait?

  1. That makes me feel better. So many times you hear preachers say it is wrong to go to doctors. This was good, Nan.

    1. I think it is a matter of Who you are believing for healing! Doctors can be used of God but God is our only healer! Good to see you here Merz!

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