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You Can Hear God Clearly

One time after teaching in a ladies’ meeting, God prompted me to have a prayer line. He doesn’t always do this, but this time He had some things to say to people. This church that I was in wasn’t one where I knew the people intimately. There were several ladies there I didn’t know at all.

As I was going down the line praying for the women, I felt a prompting to go over to a woman and tell her something specific God spoke in my Spirit for her. I did not know her at all and she did not go to this particular church. To say I was nervous about what I was to tell her is a huge understatement. He told me, “Go over to that woman and tell her I said, ‘He’s poison.'” That’s it. Nothing else.

No matter how many times you minister, it is never (at least to me) comfortable going up to a total stranger to say something super blunt like that. But, I did what I felt led to do.

I didn’t come right out and say what I had to say bluntly. I started with, “Are you involved with someone right now? Or are you married?”

She looked at me with a strange look on her face and said, “No, I’m not involved with anyone. I just broke off with someone.” So I took her hands and gently said, “God said to tell you, ‘He’s poison.’  Does that mean anything to you?” She started crying and I relaxed. When those tears flow, I pretty much know I really heard from God for someone (smile).

The guy she’d been dating was married and the assistant pastor in her former church. After she broke it off with him, she left the church to get away from him. He had just recently started calling her saying he’d left his wife and wanted to get back together with her.

She was confused and didn’t know what to do. God helped her. He was warning her away from him in a very blunt way. God said he was poison for her.

Can just anyone hear from God like that? Sure! The Bible says in John 10 that we are His and we know His voice. How do you make sure you hear His voice clearly like I did for this woman? By spending time with Him.

If you have trouble hearing clearly from God, check your “Word-level.” How much time have you been spending reading your Bible and talking to God? Have you let your “Word” level get so low that the things of the world are crowding out God? That happens, you know. Every day we have the choice of how much world vs how much Word we put in.

Make a choice to spend more time with God. I heard someone say:

No Word, no Faith
No Faith, no Anointing
No Anointing, no Victory

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