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Keeping Focus

Before Jesus went to the Cross, He separated Himself from the disciples and spent time alone with God. He was facing something hard and knew the place to strengthen Himself was in God’s presence.

Sometimes when Leland and I are “working on something” – which is what we call it when we are believing God for something pretty big – we separate ourselves from the world influence and others. Sometimes we stop texting others. Sometimes we get off social media (which I’ve been off of for over a year now). Sometimes it’s simply not watching secular television.

Why? Because when we decide to believe God for something, the enemy will send along people to discourage us.  It is also not unusual for the things of this world to distract us, working to draw us away from our focus.

Let’s say I make up my mind to spend time in the Word of God (Bible) the first thing in the morning, along with prayer time.  I set my alarm and even manage to get up early. I get my cup of tea and head to the living room to sit in comfort and privacy.

But… I have a thought. It’s a simple one and might seem to be a good one. I think, “I’ll go check my email and read a devotional online quickly, then go to the living room.”

It seems good but once I get to my computer and check my email for one of the devotionals I receive daily, I decide to answer a couple of the other emails then zip over and check Fa**book and before I know it, two hours have passed. My “spend time first thing in the morning with God” time has gone by the wayside.

Hmmm. What happened? I got sidetracked. Distracted. I fell for a perfect wile (trick) from the enemy.

All of us must develop the attitude that God is far more important than anything else out there. Putting in time with God and in the Bible must be the top most important life-saving thing we can schedule into our day. And to fight being distracted.

Everything we need to function in this life is in our time with God. Putting Him first is putting our own lives on the right track.  With God, we win. We prosper. We thrive. We live that good life Jesus died for us to have.

You have His Word on it! 

1 thought on “Keeping Focus

  1. Making that commitment and keeping it is important. One might say something may need to be checked first. I have learned that the Holy Spirit will tell me if I need to do something. Many a time He has said go and check on the steers. Sure enough they were out and having a party. So always know Holy Spirit will let you know.

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