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LIDT: More Angel Info

Understanding more about angels will help you during dangerous times. The more you know, the more comfortable you become with them, realizing they really ARE there and they are there for you. They are one of your best weapons against the enemy. 

The best way to understand angels is to go to THE Expert – God and His Word.  Here are a few examples about angels that are true and based on scripture:

  1. Angel’s are sent forth as ministering spirits to minister for heirs of salvation. That’s you and me!
  1. As children, we have angels which are popularly called “guardian angels” but actually are just those same ministering spirits.  They don’t disappear just because we grow up.  (Matt. 18:10, Ps. 34:7, Acts 12:15).
  1. God gave His angels the assignment of guarding us – to keep us safe in everything we do.
  1. God sends angels before us, to keep you safe and bring you to the place He prepared for you…someplace God wanted you to be.
  1. They also camp around those of us who “fear” (reverence) God, and they deliver us from trouble.
  1. They can work physical acts in our natural world – they shut the lions’ mouths for Daniel so they didn’t hurt him.
  1. Angels only promote the good news of Jesus and give God the glory – otherwise they are not from God.
  1. Angels can manifest (make themselves seen) to us – you may have entertained them unaware when you entertained a stranger – helped someone.
  1. Animals can see angels – remember Balaam’s donkey.  God also opened the spiritual eyes of Balaam so he also saw the angel his donkey saw.
  1. There are an innumerable (unable to number) companies (armies) of angels.
  1. Jesus alone could have called 12 legions of angels.  Legion is an army of 20,000 – so He could have called 240,000 angels to help him.

How do angels work for us?  Psalms 103:20 – they excel in strength when they do His commandments – they listen to the voice of His Word.  That’s not to say everything you ask them to do has to be “holy”. 

As an heir of salvation, their job is to “minister” for you. You can ask them to help you with things – like Leland asked them to help with the cattle (Cowboy Angels); they did. It’s a great story.

All you have to do is ask – but make sure it lines up with God’s Word – i.e., no, “Angels, go cause my ex to lose his job” (smile). Angels are never activated by negative confessions. Negative confessions stop your angels and causes the manifestation of what you are believing for to stop.  

I’ve seen some really supernatural things occur just by “activating” my angels. We will talk about some of those later, like the calves that walked around angels in a field.

1 thought on “LIDT: More Angel Info

  1. That is good to take it further than what many people say. Angels saved us when our car spun around in the rain in front of a trailer truck. All we said was “Jesus” and the next thing we knew we were safely on the side of the road, stopped with no harm and the truck and other traffic gone with no problem for them. I am a good driver but I am not that good. The angels took over.

    Many times they have intervened in saving my life without me saying a word or even being that perfect of a Christian. But now I recognize and can have a normal conversation and in giving them commands.

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