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Prayer for Protection

As some of you may be aware, there is still an on-going battle about the election, between those who stand for Right and Righteousness, and… those who don’t.  

A person can be a non-Christian and not agree with evil and what’s going on right now. They stand for RIGHT. They have the opportunity to change their minds and be saved. Some Christians are RIGHT because they have NO idea what’s going on. Those who stand for RIGHTEOUSNESS are those who stand for everything God stands for. 

I won’t get more into politics here. I will give you a prayer you can pray for our President (#45), his family, and all those who stand and their families. Standing for Right and Righteousness has put a bullseye on them. They are being attacked both verbally and physically. 

Do not be fooled – God expects you to know what’s going on. No putting your head in the sand. No, “Oh, it will all work out”. And no ignoring everything and living in a little bubble while the enemy runs amok. WE are what stands between the devil and amok.

You should also pray this for yourself and your own families,

Father, I come to you in the name of Jesus. I thank You for the Blood and the Angels who surround and protect those who stand for right and for righteousness (and their families). NO weapon formed against them will prosper. In their pathway is life and there is no death.

There is no drama or tragedy in their lives. They are protected in the Secret Place and the enemy can’t find or touch them. Nothing shall by any means harm them. They go out safely and come home safely. There will be NO murders, NO assassination’s, and NO harm.  

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  1. I stand for righteousness and what is right. You can’t steal and get away with it. Trump won the election and God will make it right soon.

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