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Don’t Take Your Dreams to the Grave

I’m skipping the topic of healing this week. I’ve been studying goals and dreams.  I didn’t change subjects on purpose – God did. He has goals and dreams (an assignment) for every one of us on earth. Everyone.  We don’t all tap into it. We don’t always believe it or that we can do it.… Read More Don’t Take Your Dreams to the Grave

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Hinderance to Healing 3a: Disobedience 2

Leland and I were ministering in a Bible Study group. Leland made the statement that the Holy Spirit always warns us of danger. We may not always “hear” or discern it or obey or listen to that voice – but He always does. (John 16:13) A man immediately interjected that this was not true. The… Read More Hinderance to Healing 3a: Disobedience 2

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Hinderances to Healing #3: Disobedience

There are different ways to be disobedient. Remember your enemy?  Never underestimate his craftiness and his desire to trick you into disobeying God, often without even realizing it. Deception is his forté and yes, he excels at it. Unless!  You have to know the Word and what God says. The more you know, then the more you… Read More Hinderances to Healing #3: Disobedience

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God Can Move Supernaturally Quickly

The day my landlady told me she was selling the house (February 7) , I prayed with her that the house would sell supernaturally quickly. God had done that for Leland and me, so I knew He could do that. She has been very good to me these past almost two years (right after Leland… Read More God Can Move Supernaturally Quickly