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Choose Your Life


So many times we want to blame God for the results of bad choices we make.  Time and time again, we choose a wrong pathway, and when we hit a brick wall or something goes wrong, we cry, “Why God? Why did this happen to me? Why did YOU do this to me?”

Wrong question.  The first and most important thing is to always stay on God’s side.  Never choose against God by blaming Him for your choices.  The right question is, “How did I get here, how do I get out, and how do I make sure I never choose this wrong pathway again?  Please show me.”

The Bible is very clear.  Our life is a test and it is an open book test.  God sets before you the choices – life and death, blessing and cursing.  Then He gives you a big hint when he says, “Choose life.” (Deuteronomy 30:19)

What does it mean to choose life?  It means to choose His way of doing and being right.  Choose His way of living.  Choose His way of doing things.  He has given us everything we need in this life to live a good life.  He even explains what He expects from us.  But unless you spend time with Him and in His Word, you’ll never know how to choose life and blessing even though it is readily available to you.

He has even given us an “early warning system” when we are making bad choices (1 John 2:20; the Holy Spirit).  We usually can’t hear that warning because we are too caught up in our busy life or haven’t learned how to tune into God.  He won’t beat you over the head although He tries always to send messages.  I’ve looked back on my life and seen so many times where I skipped over warnings because I didn’t see them as warnings.

We rarely take advantage of everything God has given us to live a victorious life.  Why?  Because we don’t take the time to learn how He operates and what He expects from us.  Often we don’t even believe it is our responsibility to do anything.  Many Christians are sitting back ‘waiting on God” when He is expecting them to take control of their present and future through the words of their mouths.

Choose good or bad

He says that our death or our life – the choice of blessing or curse – is in our mouth – what we speak consistently (Proverbs 18:21).  Do you realize there are no grey areas with God and life?  Everything we choose to say or do falls either on the blessing side or the curse side.  There is no grey area – no “oh, God understands. He knew what I meant”.  No, He doesn’t.  He only knows you chose cursing instead of blessing, which opened the door to the enemy.

That’s all I’m leaving you with this week – I just wanted to plant the thought into you that you should begin to think twice before saying anything contrary to the Word – anything contrary to The Blessing.

If it comes to “steal, kill and destroy your life”, it isn’t God (John 10:10).  Don’t choose it.  If you are living results of a life that has had things stolen, killed or destroyed – your future, your present, your dreams – ask God where you got off and to help you get back on the right pathway to the good life – to the life of blessing.  He will.  He desires to bless us and to help keep us out of the curses of life.

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