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Totally Immerse Yourself


There was a time in my dad’s army career that he had to go through a language school course in California . The course teaches a foreign language and culture through total immersion. It was all he focused on because he needed to learn everything in a short period of time.

Total Immersion. That concept is pretty powerful because it implies that if you immerse yourself in something, you will master it to the point of proficiency. Sort of like when I went through six weeks of basic training in the Air Force. In six weeks, all I focused on was the Air Force – their language and culture. Six weeks of being trained how to think, act, dress, and live.

At the end of six weeks, I was proficient in my understanding of Air Force policy and procedures, chain of command, and ironing a shirt a certain way to folding my underwear in a way so as to maximize drawer space.

Yeah, I know – what that last had to do with anything was beyond me then (smile). I just know that I still iron and fold that same way to this day, all these many years later, out of that deeply ingrained habit. That is how powerful six weeks of immersion can be.

In six weeks, the Air Force took my way of thinking and doing things, immersed me in their training, and that very training pushed out everything I used to do and think, and replaced it with what they wanted me to do. They trained me to think the Air Force way and I became proficient in that way of thinking.

So by now you’re wondering what this has to do with God and this Musing, right? Ah, grasshopper, have patience!  All will soon become clear.

If you are facing something difficult today – your family is falling apart, you need a healing in your body or your finances scream more lack to you than abundance – guess what it is time to for? Total Immersion.

As long as we continue to think OUR way, we won’t be proficient in thinking God’s way. As long as we continue to focus on what we hear, see or feel – lack, sickness or relationship problems – we won’t be focused on God’s way which is provision, healing and wholeness in every area of life.

When sickness symptoms talk louder than the Word of God, it is time to Totally Immerse yourself in His Word in the area of healing. When lack speaks louder than the Word of God, it is time to Totally Immerse yourself in His Word in the area of provision. Relationship problems? Total Immersion!

bible and study tools
bible and study tools

Get into the Bible with a concordance (there’s awesome free software out there, too (e-sword* is one I use) – and dig out specific scriptures for what you are facing. Get faith-based teaching CDs and listen to them over and over.  Download teaching to your IPod or MP3 player and listen while you’re exercising. Get faith-based books on the topic you are studying.

Totally Immerse yourself in the Word of God. The power you need to access is in direct proportion to the amount of Word that goes into YOU.

And if you say to yourself, “I don’t have time to do that” think of it this way:  You have more time to focus on your problem than you do the solution.  How dumb is that?

You have no excuse for failure in your life – if you need more faith in any area – if you need more answers than questions – if you need help now – Totally Immerse yourself in His Word. I guarantee you it will change your thinking and way of doing things, and then your life!

You have HIS Word on it!


SAY IT:  God has the solution to every problem I face in my life today.  I trust Him to bring me the answers I need as I read His Word.


*The modules that you can purchase – i.e., other Bible translations and study tools, may be found here:

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