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(An older post; will mention things a few years ago)

Drainage Ditch

I remember standing on my front porch, watching the water in the drainage ditch inch higher and higher. The run-off eventually was so fierce that it rushed over the side, making a small violent waterfall. That water hit the ditch so hard that it flowed up over the other side of the ditch into the road. Any trash or leaves in the ditch ended up in the road.

The next day, any trash that was in the ditch yesterday was gone. It was pushed by the torrent of water out of the ditch onto the road, ending up across the street in the ditch over there.

This is why reading our Bible is so important. When we are first born-again (saved), we are full of the world’s way of thinking – trash. The Bible tells us to renew (make new) our minds daily by reading our Bible. Notice that it does NOT say we renew our minds one time and then we are set for life. Without daily input, we will continue to think and act the same old ways we always have.

When we do renew our minds, it is like the run-off in my yard filling up the ditch. You can’t see it at first. but as the rain continues to come down, eventually the ditches, gullies and dips in the yard begin to fill up with water.  As they fill up with water, the trash in the ditch will begin to be pushed right out of the ditches, gullies and puddles in the yard – until it is all gone.

Renewing your mind daily is like that rain water. At first you can’t tell there is any difference in your thinking. As you continue to read your Bible, eventually your mind begins to fill up with God’s Word. As you keep reading, that Word begins to work more and more, building up your faith until it pushes all that trash thinking right out of your mind – until it is all gone.

If you want to think like God thinks, know what God knows and act like God acts, begin to renew your mind daily by reading your Bible. Don’t get religious about it saying, “I will read my Bible 3.4 hours a day, every day.”  Begin where you are right now even if it is only a few minutes in Proverbs every morning before you go to work. Work up to more time and you will be amazed at the changes in your life – changes for good!

Who wouldn’t want that?


2 Corinthians 4:16
Ephesians 4:23
Colossians 3:10
Romans 12:2

2 thoughts on “Overflow

  1. Awesome! By renewing my mind I found that what I used to do I didn’t want to do anymore. It just pushed that junk out. I didn’t even realize when it had happened.

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