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Faith School and God’s Power

I want to apologize for disappearing from my devotional. I have been talking to God about what happened with Leland. Learning, understanding, growing, healing, and leaning on Him. 

I have been in Faith School with Pastor Keith Moore. He started Faith School in June 2018. Sunday the 6th he mentioned that he just finished “taping” the 230th class. God spoke to my heart, “You let this drop awhile back. I want you to go back to the beginning, first class, and listen to them all until you are caught up.”

It’s going to take a while – but as long as I go to one class a day minimum, He doesn’t seem to mind how long it takes. Week One has been a powerful time of growth. Building up my faith helps me handle living without the (earthly) love of my life, learning a new way to live.

Sunday June 6th I also watched church with Creflo Dollar. Right before service there were a series of scriptural  quotes. I don’t know who the man was who was speaking but I went back and copied down everything he said. It really impacted me. All credit and copyright for this goes to Creflo Dollar Ministries. 


He created everything you see. He breathed it into existence
When His people were caught up in slavery?  He rescued them.
He parted the sea and He made a way for them – and then He delivered their enemies to them.
He unlocks wombs and He provides water from a rock and manna from heaven
He brought down the walls of Jericho
He froze the sun, allowing victory in battle
He toppled giants with tiny stones
He brought fire down from Heaven
He shut the mouths of lions
He preserved life in the belly of the whale
He fed thousands with a few loaves of bread and fish
He gives the weak strength
He heals the sick
He made the blind to see, the deaf to hear, the mute to speak, the lame to walk
He has overcome evil
He’s made a way through death for you and me by the death and resurrection of His Son Jesus so that we will live with Him forever.
We will dwell in the House of the Lord forever and ever and ever and ever.

His resume is flawless and He loves us. 


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  1. I’ve missed you, but look forward to you sharing the wisdom you are gaining as you go through this school. You’re so generous to share with us, and always have the right word at the right time! Isn’t it wonderful how He works like that? Love you, Nan!

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