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God’s One Thing

In the 1991 film City Slickers, the Jack Palance  character goes on about the secret of life boiling down to One Thing. He tells the Billy Crystal character that it is for him to find out what that is, leaving Billy Crystal confused.

Isn’t it wonderful that God has One Thing and He doesn’t leave us clueless. He doesn’t make it hard to know what the one important thing is in life. This One Thing helps us stay in God’s Will. It can guarantees success and blessing in our lives. 

One priority: “My son, attend to My words” (Proverbs 4:20). That’s it. When we attend to something, we give our attention to it.

This means we have to make the decision to take time to hear what God is telling us. We have to spend time reading and listening to His Word. We have to spend time with Him by getting alone with Him. We think about and meditative the Word.

Then we do what the Word says to do. Give the Word first place in our life. By putting God’s Word first and making it final authority in our lives,  finances, relationships, decisions, and everything we do, we are “attending” to His Word.

You say you’re too busy? That you don’t have time? So you’re too busy to be blessed? Too busy to take the one step you need to be a success in life? 

Attend to – hear and obey – His Word. When we make that One Thing our priority, everything else falls into place. We will find we don’t miss that time. We don’t make mistakes. We have answers to things we didn’t know.

We find wisdom. We find peace. We find life and healing. Go read the rest of that scripture. We find so much – if we do that One Thing.  

1 thought on “God’s One Thing

  1. Yes! Then we aren’t scattered, anxious, “bumfuzzled!” Things aren’t chaotic! We find, as you said, “wisdom, peace, life, and healing.” I would add: comfort and joy! Just attend to His word and obey. Have a blessed day! Love you, Nan!

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