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Angels, Holy Spirit, the Duvet, and Me

Hebrews 1:14 (TPT)  What role then, do the angels have? The angels are spirit-messengers sent by God to serve those who are going to be saved (or already are)

John 14:26b (CJB)  … He (the Holy Spirit) will teach you all things in My (Jesus) name. And He will inspire you to remember every word that I’ve told you (in this case. the above scripture).


December 2018. When Leland and I started our journey to Texas, we sold our home and everything was in storage units. I had a relatively new goose down duvet that Leland packed up in a plastic bag December 14. (I didn’t know this) His thought process was that it wouldn’t be in the plastic bag very long. 

February 2019, our things were in fexas, we were in the first rental and I was cold. I sent Leland on a hunt for the duvet. No go. Brought back our oldest feather one.

November 19 2019, different area, new storage units, still cold.  He went to storage, came back with my late mother’s too small also feather one. I reminded him that down and plastic – yikes. OK, I whined about it. He told me to give it up for now. (Male Speak: he wasn’t digging for it anymore.)

Here’s how much the Holy Spirit loves me (and you). He reminded me that I could assign my angels to protect the duvet. The fluctuations in weather alone could have ruined it. Hot, cold, folded in plastic = could mean sweating and mold. 

April 2021 Leland died and my son Josh moved me to Arkansas. 

May 2021. In a rental, still cold. I sent Josh on a hunt in storage a couple of times for the duvet. NO GO again. But he did bring me our old one. 

This is a perfect example of not thinking. I did ask the angels to protect my belongings. I did NOT ask them or the Holy Spirit to lead me to the duvet. However, you will note, neither did Leland. Just sayin’

Scripture says the Holy Spirit will guide us. He has also led Leland and me both to many items we’d lost before so it’s not like we didn’t know He could lead us. Just goes to show you that you need to keep the Word fresh. 

October 1 2022, I asked the Holy Spirit to lead me straight to the duvet. HE knew where it was, I didn’t. Also by that point, I finally decided it had to be a big storage box (and told Josh so) because no one found it in bags. This is an important point.

November 12 2022 (I later realized it had been almost 4 years) Josh was hauling a few boxes back to storage. He came back to the house and asked, “Is this it?” This was a different type plastic bag. My hope arose. 

Lo and behold, I pulled the duvet out of the rip he’d made in the bag and saw the tag. I started crying, overwhelmed. There it was after almost 4 years. It also smelled as fresh as the day it had been packed. 

Also note – I was supposed to go with Josh the second trip to storage. He “just decided” to look. I asked him why he decided to look in plastic bags when I said boxes. In the right unit, he only opened 2 bags with pillows before opening the right bag. 

He told me I had said that it was in plastic. I scrolled up through my texts and pointed out the packing box conversation. He shrugged and said he only remembered “plastic bags” (not like him). See what the Holy Spirit did there?

Don’t neglect your angles. They are standing around, twiddling their thumbs, waiting for you to give them assignments. Don’t neglect the Holy Spirit, either. He is here for you, to help you live an “over and above” life.





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