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Do Choices Really Matter?

When people see how blessed Leland and I are they often say, “You’re so lucky” or “Your life is good because your husband has a great paying job.” NO! We are NOT lucky. And he wouldn’t even have that great paying job if it were not for God. We are living a life of choices we made and make every day, good or bad.

If we are financially blessed it is because we made choices that lined up with God’s ways – believing He is our provider and source, tithing, giving first fruit offerings and alms, confessing the Word of God over our lives (scriptures about prosperity), being good stewards of what He’s put into our hands, walking in love, being Spirit-led, and most importantly, NOT judging. It is not luck.

If we are healthy and easily healed, walking in divine health, it is because we made choices that lined up with God’s ways – believing He is our healer, confessing the Word of God (scriptures about healing), eating right, exercising, drinking plenty of water and less caffeine, getting plenty of sleep, walking in forgiveness, walking in love, and most importantly, NOT judging. It is not luck.

Of course the opposite is true, too. If our finances stink, choices. If we are sick or need to lose weight, choices. And there was a time our finances stunk and we were always getting sick. The only reason we are where we are now and have what we have now is because of God, His Word and our choices.

We are not all that and it was not luck

Here’s the truth: if you see a Christian who is abundantly blessed with peace in their life, rich in every area with no sorrow added to it, you can have what they have if you do what they did to get there. And you can even be more blessed than they are by being even more obedient to His Word!

You may have to give up television or hobbies to spend time with God through His Word, listening to faith-based teaching CD’s or read faith-based books. You will also have to spend time praying and being in God’s presence. You will have to walk in love and absolutely quit judging.

You may have to put away that “desire” purchase to use the money to help someone else financially or plant finances into your church’s projects. You may have to change your food choices – giving up excess sugar and white flour products in order to be healthier. You may even have to rearrange your very busy schedule to make time to walk on your treadmill or around the block for at least 30 minutes a day.

What you are experiencing right now is based on choices you made in the past. It is also based on what has been in your heart and what has come out of your mouth consistently. The Bible states we live by the Words of our mouth.

Do you need to experience better things and make changes in your life? Change what is in your heart – put more Word in and pray in the Spirit more. Jesus promised us an abundant life – but it is our choice. He gives us that choice – so choose life!

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Your experiences in life should not be your foundation of what you believe about God. His Word should be.

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3 thoughts on “Do Choices Really Matter?

  1. Correct choices and quit judging will take you a long way down the path to the best life you have ever experienced.

  2. My very own alpha husband says that if people just follow Proverbs, they will find success. Good preaching here, Nan – just the right shepherding I need today! People need to focus more on relationship with God and not their neighbor’s success!

  3. May 29, 2009 at 4:08 amWell, actually I don’t think my kids would say YES! In fact they have seen many thnigs that would help them believe otherwise .but it is true I didn’t used to be happy! But I AM now!!! And I hope my kids will come to realize that soon!!!!!!!!!!

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